Diaper Clutch

It’s no sew too!

Melissa from ISLY has a free pattern for an adorable diaper clutch or “poopy clutch” as she calls it. Love the  name because it makes me giggle about something that normally makes me cringe. Go here for the pattern.

I got some cute teal vinyl from Joann and quickly whipped one up.

I wasn’t able to find a button stud, so I hand sewed on a shank button (from the Ribbon Retreat but I can’t find their buttons for sale anymore – sorry! The fabric in the background is from my sponsor Lilly Bella...here is the link to the fabric listing).

Hand sewing through three layers of vinyl or leather is not easy. Use a silicone hot pad or a deflated balloon to help you get a good grip.

I stitched it A LOT to make sure it was secure. It has to stand up to a lot of opening and closing after all.

I don’t love the backside of the vinyl but at least it stays inside the clutch and isn’t really seen. I wonder if I could safely fuse some liner fabric to it next time?

I most often use the plastic pop up packs of wipes, which doesn’t fit in the clutch at full size. After you use half the wipes, it fits in perfectly.

I know that I won’t always have a half used wipes bag to pack away in here, so I bought the travel size wipes case. It fits with room to spare.

When you first make it, beware. There are big holes at the corners and it’s floppy. But, when you fill it up, it all makes sense.

I love love my poopy clutch. It makes diapering a cute endeavor! :)


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    So cute! We are in the middle of potty training, so I wish I had a cute bag to hold that gigantic child's toilet seat that I take everywhere with me!

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    This is fantastic! I'm expecting my first in March and this will REALLY come in handy. It's nice to have a quick, cute and still useful project to add to my queue :)

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    Palak – haha…totally!

    Jessica and Ruby – I know! It's catchy name ;).

    Addie – oh this will be perfect for you! I really love it. Congrats to you!

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    seriously thought this was a typo when you first told me what you made – "surely she must mean poppy clutch!" and i follow ISLY too! haha. anyway it's great. love the blue. :)

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    love it!
    fyi, I've used heat-n-bond on the back of the joann's vinyl to adhere flannel to the other side. it worked great for me. i'm not sure if it's "recommended," but I didn't have any problem with it.

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    How fun! Melissa is my husbands cousins wife. She actually caught the bouquet at my wedding! Correction: I guess technically she didn't catch it. The bouquet literally landed right in front of her. My sister picked it up and handed it to her! Hahaha. It was a sign I tell ya! Your poopy clutch turned out very cute! I have one of my own, only I sewed mine using a canvas material. :)

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