Valentine Rosette Wreath

What’s more romantic than roses?  Really?

I made another one. I can’t help it. These wreaths are just so beautiful. I actually made it for Christmas but was finally able to admit to myself how Valentiney it looked. :) So I tucked it away and hid it up in my craft corner until now.

It’s not too different from my yellow Fall version, just smaller and with a frame behind it.

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  1. says

    LOVELY (I loved the fall version as well)! Seriously, so lovely!!!
    Ooooh, and I have a craft fail to share with you. You know how we're doing Project Run and Play? Well, for the 'Leila and Ben' challenge, my first idea (add a kangaroo pocket and cowl neck to that sweet dress) was good ONLY in theory. Oh my- it's hideous. Piper Jane, cute as she is, looks like such a

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