Valentine Succulents

For Valentine’s Day, instead of flowers, I asked for succulents.

My husband was like, “Say what?”

I know, I know. Sounds kind of strange, and almost suggestive ;). But I think they’re romantic.

They are the perfect symbol of enduring love. They don’t take a lot of maintenance (they are hard to kill really), they last forever, and I think they are quite pretty.

There is an understated, sculptural beauty to them.

To me, they symbolize how after ten years of marriage, you need nourishment but not the constant suffocating kind, and you know that no matter what, you will always be there for each other; even if you forget to water each other for a time.

Don’t mistake these succulents as boring though. They are not lacking in surprises…The flap jacks (flat leaf) turn a lovely red in bright sun and the long stemmed bumpy one grows into long tendrils.

I hope to start a collection of succulents…perhaps even make a wreath of them? I love the really wacky weird ones, like this one that looks like a cross between lettuce and cabbage (but is plump and fleshy like a succulent).

I haven’t found just the right pots for these beauties yet. I can’t wait for garage sale season so I pick up some funky cool ones. A unique plant deserves a unique pot. Yes?

FYI: Posting will be slow this week. I am finally working on my blog design and organization (as you can already see). I promised myself that I would not sew or craft until it was done which is the only way I can motivate myself to do it.  My foot is aching to press a sewing machine pedal and I keep day dreaming about my next project. :)

Projects should resume next week (or I’ll bust). Thanks for reading!


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    I love succulents too, they're my favourite pot plants but I never have thought about the similarities they have with love. All the more reason to like them!

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    I love succulents too, they're my favourite pot plants but I never have thought about the similarities they have with love. All the more reason to like them!

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    I love succulents. I like the ones that look like rocks… But be careful not to handle the leaves too much. They don't like being touched very much.

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    I love succulents! What a great Valentine's Day gift. Also, your new blog look is great! Way to motivate yourself to get it done. I need to do that. :)

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    Caru- Oh no! so so sorry. I was updating and cleaning up some old posts and those old giveaway posts popped up to the top. So annoying. I tried to delete them right away but a few people saw them. Sorry for the confusion!

    Ann, Christie – Aren’t they just lovely? They are tricky to find at the moment. I only found one green house in town that had them. I can’t wait until summer when more places stock them.

    Ariana- good advice. thank you!

    Palak, Lindsay – thank you! :)

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    Just to drop my big congrats for such a lovely place you’ve got here. It inspires so much happiness and I presume the cuties you are posting here play a big part, be it these beautiful succulents that my sister is “craving” for right now or the adorable clothes the little one is wearing below :)


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    I told Rory I want some just the other week too! He thought I meant cacti and I tried to explain what I meant…lol he didn't get it. guess I'll be buying my own succulents! Fantastic pictures as usual! I want to see what cool pots you find to put them in :)

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    Thank you so much! :)

    Missy – They are admittedly hard to find right now in a lot of cold place but I found a green house that had a great selection. I would call around to see what you can find! :)

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