Pumps and Pearls Apron

I am so excited to party with Dana this week and celebrate YELLOW too!

Earlier this year I had an idea for an apron and made this one.

I have finally gotten around to honing it into a tutorial. I call it my:

I love this apron for several reasons.

One… it gives me more coverage and protection because it is almost a full apron.

Two…it ties in the front and has velcro straps at the neck which means it is easy to get on and off.

Three…it makes me feel pretty. On any given day I’ll be wearing my usual jeans and T-shirt look…

once I don the apron though, I feel a little more like…

a pretty housewife wearing her pearls, pumps and red lipstick. Instant mood lift. :)

It’s Fall over in these parts and when it’s Fall I just feel like baking! This apron came just in time for me to wear all baking season long.

Want one too? Let’s get started.

*my tutorial pictures are often taken with my little trusty Canon Powershot A590 because it is more convenient to tote that thing around…hope you don’t mind the slightly inferior picture quality. As long as you can see what I am doing that is all that matters to me.

First cut your pieces:

Do some preliminary sewing:
Turn pieces right side out and press all pieces:

*This is the 10×10 piece.

Now start sewing the bottom/skirt portion of the apron:

Sew a gathering stitch by hand or machine. If by machine just do a straight stitch set to the longest length your machine will allow.

And paint your toes yellow. :) Nah…not really… but I did. My dear friend Angela bought me some cool yellow nail polish. Love that girl. Thanks Ang!

Now sew the top piece and the skirt piece together:

Sew back panel on:
Sew on waistband:

Finish the top of the apron. Sew on the fold over top piece (10 x10 in piece):

Finish and attach straps:

Fold over top piece and sew all the way around the top piece from the back. {sorry no picture}

And done! Yay! {couldn’t resist a jumping picture}

Oh! I just remembered something and therefore having to pop my leg up…ha ha…please feel free to laugh at these pictures with me. :)

If you really want to tie it in the back…you can of course:

Now…pie anyone?

Actually I will be posting on how to make this easy Banana Cream Pie tomorrow…yes easy! I promise.

It is a recipe that requires no chilling of pie dough, no use of the stove whatsoever, and comes together in less than an hour. See? Easy!

See you tomorrow!

Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Ha ha. :) Sorry this photo shoot was pretty fun…ny.


  1. says

    I ventured over from "Made" today. Love this apron and all your other creations. So fresh and and original. As cute as this apron is, it doesn't hold a candle to the model! Seriously, those photos made me smile! The last one made me laugh out loud. So funny!

  2. says

    Oh my heck you are so famous! And hilarious you just make me laugh! Congrats on being feature and have such a wonderful blog…I have bookmarked so many of your crafts, now I just need more hours in my days to make all of them!

  3. says

    Delia! I know you – I took your spot at CL Verify when Owen was born. Oh, your blog is to die for – look how creative and crafty you are. You know you've arrived when Dana features you! Congrats! And thanks for the apron tutorial.

  4. says

    first time to visit your blog. there was a link on a fav. and now yours is in my fav list! love your comments on the apron, very funny! and i love the photos and all!

  5. says

    Delia, I don't know if you remember me(tiffany Horn), I went to Marcos, but then ended up moving to Gilbert. I found your blog from Made. You are so creative! I love looking at all that you have made, I will definitely be adding this to my reader. Thanks!

  6. says

    I Love your blog, just found it today from Made. I have found so many of your projects that have inspired me, so i had to feature you on my own blog.

  7. says

    you are so adorable! I miss you, seriously. And man, you get to see Ang? Jealous.

    I really plan on making this! I ruin all my shirts when I cook.

  8. says

    Delia you look so cute all dolled up and sproting the red lips! :)
    LOVE the apron, (and did the first time you posted your other as well!) I STILL need to make myself an apron! Its been on my craft to-do list forEVER! Maybe I'll make yours!:)

  9. says

    Hey Delia! I love the apron and had a great idea for you to keep your pearls and pumps apron pearls and pumps clean! You can loop a towel through and over your waste tie so while you are cooking you can wipe your hands on the towel at your waste and not get your apron dirty. That way if you want to wear your apron when your guests come over you can take off the towel and your apron is clean and

  10. says

    Delia, I love this apron. I just have one question though–what were the measurements of your waistband? I didn't see it on there, although I could just be missing it. Thanks for sharing all the super cute stuff you do!

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