Art Deco Inspired Dress by My Sparkle

Today, I am over the moon to have one of my favorite sewing bloggers guest posting. 
Everything she does is absolutely beautiful. Her style is classy, refined, and inspired. I love how the clothing she sews for her children are playful and sophisticated at the same time. Just take a look at this look and this look from her winning season of Project Run and Play. Gorgeous.
So you can see why I am so excited to have her here sharing some children’s clothing inspiration. Here’s Danielle from My Sparkle!
I am so grateful that Delia asked me to join her Winter Whites series, because as much as I love it, I don’t get around to sewing as much as I’d like. Aside from the fun of being included with these clever gals, It feels great to actually get a project finished! Thanks for having me.
This little dress was inspired by an old quilt I bought my daughter at an antique store. I have no idea how old it is, but I just fell in love with all the old fabrics it’s made of.  There is one square in particular that I really love.
Something about the black and white pattern– which feels a little Art Deco and a little 1980’s, offset by a lovely peach– which I happen to think is the perfect neutral, was so inspiring to me. So I put my rudimentary Illustrator skills to use, and designed my best effort at a reproduction of the black and white fabric through Spoonflower. Mine turned out a really dark gray, but I love it.

I wanted the dress to feel like it belonged with the fabric so I used a vintage-feeling, sort of 1940’s inspired pattern (New Look 6309) for the bodice and collar, and then added turned up sleeves to echo the peter pan collar.


I only had a yard of the patterned fabric I created, and had to use it sparingly– which was fine because I really wanted to incorporate peach. So I used a nice peach cotton for the top, and to tie it in to the bottom  I added dark gray piping to make the collar and cuffs pop.

Thanks again for having me Delia!

My pleasure Danielle
Goodness. Isn’t that piping scrumptious? There is so much to love…
 I love the cute bow at the collar, the peach with the dark gray.
And Avery is just stunning. Great job Danielle!

For more Winter Whites inspiration, head over to Kojodesigns!

Kirstin is sharing an adorable linen Banyan top on her super cute Piper.


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    Yay, the campaign to keep Danielle sewing through guest posts continues! Haha. This is SO cute and the piping sewing is perfection! Fantastic vintage-y modern.

  2. says

    LOVE this! Such a cute classic little dress for such a sweet little girl <3

    I have a question about Spoonflower fabric! I've never bought any, but I often read that the colours come out wrong. Also how do they wash? Do the colours fade?


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    I have only hand-washed my fabric and the color held up fine so far, but I'm not sure how it will do with machine washing. I've gotten other fabric there before that I didn't design and the color held beautifully but I wonder if it depends on the kind of fabric. As far as color goes, I wanted it to be black and it turned out very dark gray but I'm not sure if it was because I didn

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