braided belt tutorial

Want another great way to use old T-shirts? Well…how about a braided belt?


It’s pretty easy. The part that takes the most time is the braiding really.


To start you just cut four strips of T-shirt. I cut mine 2.5 inches wide.


Pin the ends together and hold it down with a can or a book.

Now braid. This is a four strand braid. I like that it makes it a little thicker and belt like.

And this is what it looks like after several rounds.

When you are done braiding knot the end.

Now sew the ends.

You want one end sewn just once so you can wrap it around the D-rings and sew it there a couple of times. It is quite thick so it can be tricky.

For the other end sew it several times.


I didn’t have matching thread for the orange but I did for the green. It makes it look a bit nicer.


And that’s it!

So I post this with some chagrin. While I was making this up, Ashley from Make It and Love It posted a bunch of brilliant braided knit projects. She even has a great 5-braid technique that I want to try next time. Be sure to check her out.

I did a head band like hers but with a couple changes.

Instead of hand stitching the little knot cover up, I machine sewed it.

Just trim and wiggle it right side out.

So easy.I made it loose so maybe it will be a headband I can wear too. Crossing my fingers…they usually give me headaches.


I hope you are having fun day!


  1. says

    Oh my goodness I'm shaking my head as I read this post! I saw Ashley's braids last week and did up several to give to my nieces while we were camping- and made the SAME adjustment by machine sewing the end cover and wriggling it right side out! I confess, I'm happy with myself that I think a bit like you do ;) Nothing like unabashed adoration, eh? ;) Have a great week Delia!

  2. says

    What a great tute! I love this idea so much and I want to try to adapt it for some casual napkin rings. And it is so funny how crafty minds think alike, right? But your belts are just rockin' and are set apart in their own awesomeness! :)

  3. says

    This is a great tutorial and reminds me that I used to make these braids when making raffia hats was all the rage. But such a great twist on the old concept. Headbands give me headaches too, but this one you made looks great. I am going to see how many old stretch knit shirts i can dig up to make belts with. Thanks so much for posting this.


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