Color Your Summer RAINBOW with See Kate Sew

I have someone here that will be sure to brighten your day: Kate from See Kate Sew!

Maybe you already know her for her awesome free patterns, or her fresh, modern and vintage inspired collection of children’s sewing patterns. Or maybe you know her for this super cool project or this one I’ve been meaning to try foreverrr. Or if you’ve yet to ‘meet’ her… In that case, you have to know how beautiful, sweet, and incredibly talented this mama of two is! She imbues beauty into everything she does. 


I am thrilled to have her here celebrating rainbow! Here’s Kate…

I’m so excited to be here for Color Your Summer 3! I always look forward to the bright and fun inspiration in this series each summer. When I think of RAINBOWS in the summertime I think of shaved ice and sno cones. It isn’t summer without them! So this little hexagon coin pouch craft is designed with sno cones in mind. It will store just the right amount of change so you can curb your craving when you see the shaved ice truck!
You will need:
-4 hexagons (2 of main and 2 of lining) with each size 2″ long
-4 little squares 1.5″ by 1.5″
-1 rectangle, 3″ by 4″ (not pictured)
-1 small Dring (not pictured)
-1 small zipper (really any size is fine, you can shorten it)
For the rest of the tutorial, please see Kate’s blog by clicking HERE.
I love me a good shaved ice in the summer. Those are SO cute! Love it. Thanks so much Kate!
If you are looking for more great things from Kate, check out this cool ruffled shower curtain tutorial using dollar store shower curtains or this fabric scraps U.S. map!

Oh and say hi to Kojodesigns for me today! Girl.Inspired is sharing a STUNNING rainbow cake over there:

Also…click HERE to read about all the great giveaways going on throughout this series!


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    These are SOOOO Cute. My daughter is obsessed with smashed pennies, this is perfect for keeping supplies (quarters and shiny pennies) and finished product while out on an adventure. I'm gunna have to make a few.

  2. says

    So cute, Kate! Hearing the ice cream truck and running for whatever change we could find is one of my favorite summer memories – I'm totally making one of these snow cone pouches!

  3. says

    OMG! These are so cute!!!! I made one tonight – great tute! I love how quick they were to make. Thank you so much for sharing – I cannot wait to make more as gifts. :)

  4. says

    This makes me wish I had some zippers!!! I have the hexies and such….just no zippers and no D-rings :-(. Going to have to go shopping this weekend….to get zippers, d-rings, and a tatting needle (totally not related to this project).

  5. says

    I recently had to throw out some old garments ruined in the wash (quality not good enough for yard sale or good will). I got the last minute urge to cut out and save a few colorful zippers. I now have a cool project to use them on! Yea!!

  6. says

    this may be a dumb question but when you say the hexagons should be 2" LONG….which measurement is that? From point to point, or side to side?


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