Envelope Clutch Pattern Re-Mix

I was so excited to get an early crack at See Kate Sew’s new envelope clutch pattern.

It’s a basic design that is easy to dress up or down, or not at all. The way it comes together is so smart and it is a really fun sew.

It’s not complicated but you end up with something fully lined, and professional looking.  And…it only requires two fat quarters and some interfacing. I love that.

Oh and did I mention that Kate’s envelope clutch pattern is FREE?! It just got even better, didn’t it?

I couldn’t resist making two.

One sassy…

And one sweet. :)

I didn’t really remix it a ton but added a couple details.

For the “sassy” one, I took gray duck cloth and added a box pleat. I ironed it down, pinned it in place and then sewed it, before cutting it out.

Because duck cloth is a lot thicker and heavier I was able to omit the interfacing. This saves a step, some cost, and creates a really nice look and feel. The only small down side is, that it’s super wrinkly and hard to iron after being washed (use a spray bottle of water).

I also added a zipper welt pocket to the inside of both clutches (tutorial coming next week!). Zipper welts are surprisingly easy and really exciting to sew. I’m stoked to show you how. (Update: the tutorial is HERE).

I added a triangle button to the gray duck cloth clutch even though it’s a cheap plastic button. It just seemed to go well with the fabrics and I’ve been looking for an excuse to try an irregular shaped button. Is it easy to button and unbutton?…not really. :) It was more a style choice than a function choice.

I have no idea who the liner fabric is from. I grabbed it a long time ago from my mother’s prolific fabric stash. I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s? I love the primary colors in it, and played it up with the zipper and button.

It’s muted on the outside but wild on the inside! :)

I think I put my paper pattern together slightly off. I didn’t want to cut around the edge by the gray squares, but in hindsight I really should have. I thought it lined up fine and that any slight abberations wouldn’t make a big difference. My slightly crooked clutches are proving me wrong. :)

So, I guess my advice to you is to make sure you get that paper pattern precisely right.

I’ll use the clutches anyway though. Ain’t no thang.

(fabrics for the “sweet” clutch are both from the Riley Blake Marguerite collection. My sponsor Lily Bella doesn’t have the red floral pattern but does carry the yellow stripe HERE.)

I wondered how it would hold up all filled up and was surprised at its capacity. My wallet, poopy clutch, and a few other small goodies fit in quite nicely. I wouldn’t put my phone in the main pouch though, because the top flap doesn’t seal smaller objects in that well. I guess that’s where the zipper welt pocket steps in!

(If you like the pencil skirts I’m wearing. The original post for the polka dot one is found HERE. The original pattern I based it off of was missing lots of pieces, so I drafted myself new ones and I’ve since tweaked it a bit more to make it my own. I hope to share a free version with you in the coming months! :))

Oh and one more thing.

is a shot of my post pregnancy/nursing hair growth poof. Just thought I’d share in case you lose your hair after you have babies too. ;)

And with that…I’ll leave you until tomorrow. :)

Have a good one!

And if you haven’t yet, go check out Kate’s super fun FREE envelope clutch pattern!


  1. says

    I think I may just have to try this clutch, with my fabric from a challenge I received! Oh and yes I’m one of those that sheds hair like no tomorrow post pregnancy! I thought I was dying- no joke! Mine fell out in chunks, and now I have horrible whispy bits all along my hair line. Oh well, I have beautiful kids so its worth it! :)

  2. says

    first of all, you’re so super adorable. seriously – and such a skinny mini!! love those skirts too. your clutches turned out fabulous. you’d never guess that you had any problems with lining up the pattern pieces. and i always get those post-baby hairs too… not looking forward to that!

  3. says

    Love both! Time for a date night or two with your fancy new clutches!

    My hair came out so badly after having kids it seriously seemed like something was wrong! But I didn't lose any hair while I was pregnant, so it was like 9 months of shedding happened all at once. So weird.

  4. says

    I love how yours (both!) turned out! And I really love that shot you got of the stiletto and clutch together, so clever. Can't wait to see what you come up with the K.I.D.S series tomorrow, I thought it was funny how we're doing the same posts this week!

  5. says

    The heel shot is so sassy, love it and your clutches! I have those poofs as well (some grew back gray??), I got some bangs to try and hide them but its not really working.

  6. says

    Coming over from Me Sew Crazy! I loved your post and this Clutch is Adorable, I saw this over at Kate's and thought how fun a series it is.. I haven't jumped in yet :) I TOTALLY get the Hair Falling out thing.. I am nursing our 6th and my hair falls out like CRAZY.. I did a post on it "Bad Hair Day".. Your blog is adorable!

  7. says

    You are so totally cute. And yes, I love those skirts and the clutches. I like the box pleat you added to the gray one. And the picture with the heel and gray clutch? Totally rad.

  8. says

    You guys are the nicest. I am so glad I am not the only one with that embarrassing hair poof! :)

    I should mention that my husband took these shots. He is so patient with me with my endless instruction and crazy photo ideas. :)

  9. says

    My son is 11 months old & after he was born I got the baby hairs everywhere. It's almost like a crown of them that wrap around the out edge of my hair. They are FINALLY growing long enough to pin!

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