Geranium Dress Bouquet

I’ve already sung praises for Made By Rae’s Geranium Dress pattern,

but let me say it again. I love this pattern!

I love it so much that instead of making just one dress, I made a whole bouquet!

If I were to play favorites, this one would be it.

I had just barely enough of this star fabric left over from when I made Reid’s cargo pants to make an outer bodice. I adore this fabric. I might have to recreate it on white cotton with a fabric sharpie!

Again, I love how nicely the pattern has you make the garment from the inside out.

I used a 12-18 month bodice for all the dresses (except for the white linen dress). It is a little big but still fits well enough to wear now and grow into later. The bodice fits for this pattern are really spot on.

I pleated the skirt of the dress for this one. It took more time but the result is well worth it.

Whee! :)

Fabric details:
Bodice: Unknown vintage star fabric I got from my Mom’s stash.
Lining: White linen from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Skirt: Yellow Linen from Jo-Ann Fabrics

The leggings were made using Go To Patterns leggings pattern which I love too! It’s not what you think, if you think “Who needs a pattern for something simple like leggings?” She includes rise to the pants and teaches you how to finish the waistband for a professional look. It’s a great pattern to have and extends from 12 months to 12 years!

Watch out. This girl is too cute. :)

For the next Geranium dress, I chose the flutter sleeve option and a gathered skirt. I made the flutter sleeve a little bit wider so I could hem the edge. Umm…that was taking forever! So I gave up and just finished the edge as the pattern directed.

Fabric Details:
Gray Polka Dot Fabric from my sponsor Lily Bella. Go HERE for the listing. It’s such a pretty color with the perfect sized dots.

I am kind of a sucker for yellow if you can’t tell.

I paired some yellow linen with this darling blue chick fabric. I only had enough fabric for one pocket but I actually quite like how it looks with just one pocket. The asymmetry brings nice interest to the dress.

Fabric Details:
Bodice and pocket: Yellow linen from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Skirt: Tipu Bird in Schooner from my sponsor Lily Bella (I have enough left for a romper too. Isn’t it darling?!) Go HERE for the listing from Lily Bella.

To top this off…literally. I made a tunic top as well.

I made it using scraps, so the grain was off. I was really nervous it would turn out horrible because of that but it actually turned out okay! The drape of the skirt isn’t perfect but I’m still happy with it.

Fabric Details:
Bodice: A fat quarter from Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea fabric line. Just be mindful that the grain goes against the lines with this print so it makes the lines vertical instead of horizontal. I really wanted them horizontal so I took a risk by cutting them against the grain and it worked out alright.
Skirt: Emerald/Kelly green Kona cotton from Hobby Lobby (actually a scrap from my Easy Mommy Skirt)

In addition to the Easter Geranium dress I made, that makes five total Geraniums. But wait….I mentioned five more Geraniums in addition to the Easter dress. I promise I can do math. ;)

The sixth one twirled its way all the way to Oregon for a special little girl. I get to share that with you tomorrow!

Wahoo! So excited. Have a good one!


  1. says

    wow you have been quite a busy lady. Great work on the dresses! I love (and NEED) that mustard yellow linen. It was gorgeous& i've been looking for JUST THAT to make a suit jacket for my boy.


  2. says

    OMG… I love them all but the grey one with the polka dots and the red buttons…awesome!!! And let me tell you, your little girl looks so happy in all the photos I couldn't help but smile a lot!!! =)

  3. says

    FABULOUS collection of dresses! With each scroll I was like, "this one is my favorite, no this one!" LOL! The gray dots are really cute but ALL of the dresses are fanastic and REALLY itching me to buy this pattern!

  4. says

    FABULOUS collection of dresses! With each scroll I was like, "this one is my favorite, no this one!" LOL! The gray dots are really cute but ALL of the dresses are fanastic and REALLY itching me to buy this pattern!

  5. says

    FABULOUS collection of dresses! With each scroll I was like, "this one is my favorite, no this one!" LOL! The gray dots are really cute but ALL of the dresses are fanastic and REALLY itching me to buy this pattern!

  6. says

    Oh no, now you've done it. They are all PERFECT! I would buy any one of them in a store, for real. Love the patterns you've mixed, there is just something that is so great about a little of a bold color and a minimalist pattern mixed together that just works so well. Love the grey one too, and those buttons!

    Natalie has a twirly girly summer ahead of her. So sweet.

  7. says

    Also, random, I just discovered 2 1/2 yards of that yellow linen (Joanne's?) in my stash last week. Pillows yes. But other twirly things might be happening too. I didn't think it would hag so nicely but it looks great on Natalie! :)

  8. says

    Natalie is gorgeous! And the dresses are too. I really love the grey dotted one. I probably would have tried to hem the sleeves too… do you have a narrow hem foot? It works well on curved edges and is much simpler than hemming them without it.

  9. says

    Oh my goodness! They are all so adorable. I have one I made for my to be born in June Daughter but still have to put the buttons on it. You are inspiring me to do that and make more. :)

  10. says

    I've gone back and forth about buying this pattern about a hundred times, but I think the absolute cuteness of your creations (the dresses and the kid!) have finally pushed me over the edge. Buying it tonight! Now if only I had made this decision a few nights about before I had an epic craft fail at midnight last Saturday evening when my daughter's Easter dress turned out nothing like I

  11. says

    Aww…you guys are all so kind to me!!

    EHC – man. I am so sorry. I hate nights like that. Hope this pattern can help you get your sewing mojo back.

    Erin – nothing like peer pressure. ;)
    Oh and the yellow linen is a bit heavy feeling. I worried a little about that too. I've made a Fall shift dress with it, but a springy twirly dress…I was curious how it would play

  12. says

    Wow you really have been a busy lady with these! I mean I know they're a quick sew but STILL! Love them all, but really that star fabric takes the cake for me. Awesome. So excited to show off your sixth Geranium tomorrow! ;)

  13. says

    WOW! I have 3 boys and after seeing all these dresses I'm itching for a little girl to sew for, although I doubt I could make a single one of them. I've only been able to make pants for my boys… hopefully I can branch out soon. Beautiful dresses!!

  14. says

    I think I could stare at this collection of a million cute dresses all day. It helps that your baby girl is so adorable. You are awesome! Loved seeing all the sweet things you made in the swap, too!

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    Love these! I agree, the bodice fit on these is so great. I'm also convinced to buy this leggings pattern! I also saw your gorgeous (gorgeous!!) items you made over at skirt as top, and I was wondering if you mind sharing how you lined the skirt portion of the geranium dress. Always so much to learn…! Any tips would be so much appreciated, thanks!

  16. says

    oh man. I love them all. I kept thinking…oh, that one's my favorite and then I'd scroll down and think, no that one's my favorite! All of them are lovely. Great color combos and Natalie is so cute :)

  17. says

    seriously, every one of these dresses are perfect. I LOVE! And to top it off, your model is just the cutest thing ever. I've got some of that yellow linen all cut out and waiting to become a pair of pants for my daughter.

  18. says

    Seeing all your versions is a great inspiration! I really like the one with stars. Makes we want to think of more fun combinations for this pattern. This pattern really is pretty awesome.

  19. says

    I don’t know HOW I missed this post last year, but someone just referenced it the other day and I couldn’t BELIEVE all the cute versions you made here!!! I just love them all. You are amazing!!! And I can’t believe how small Natalie is. EEEK! :)


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