Gray Day Tulle Skirts

Today for Winter Whites, I’m changing things up a little bit.

I realize that some of you are enjoying spring/summer weather right now (which means you could skip over to Color Your Summer posts ;)) and some of you have rainy, gray winters…not winter white ones.

So, today’s project is a mommy and me set of gray day tulle skirts.

I used tutorials and inspiration from these talented ladies for my skirt:

Cotton & Curls
Sew Much Ado

and for Natalie’s skirt…

For Natalie’s skirt, I cut four layers of gray tulle in circle skirt fashion as well as a lining piece. I then sewed on some 5/8 inch glitter elastic for the waistband. I bought mine here.

The glitter elastic is not as strong as regular elastic so I probably should have brought in the waistband a little more. It ended up being a little big on Natalie, but instead of fixing it, I think it will be fun for her to grow into.

I was the most worried about my skirt. Would I even wear a tulle skirt outside the house? I am still not sure if I have the courage, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved wearing it for the photo shoot.

It made me feel like a sophisticated five year old which is tons of fun. :)

I ended up combining Cotton & Curls and Sew Much Ado’s tutorials. I cut three circle skirts, which I later took some fullness out of, and two layers of just a straight gathered skirt. I also made the lining a slim gathered skirt made out of lightweight nylon.

I finished it off with a two inch wide elastic waistband which I dyed gray. I used about two teaspoons? of black powdered RIT dye for maybe 2 quarts of water and boiled it on the stove.

What do you think? Yellow belt or white belt?

Either way, I like how the belts bring maturity to the skirt. I don’t think I would wear this skirt without one.

Oh, and have I told you I absolutely love this girl?

I do.

Be sure to stop by Kojodesigns for this super cute baby mobile!

EDITED TO ADD: I just wanted to update you guys on how to wash these skirts. You can hand wash them and drip dry. I ran them through the washing machine and then drip dried them. They get really fluffy and wrinkly. If this bothers you, you can switch your iron to the polyester setting and iron most of the wrinkles out. It will never lay as flat as before washing, but will help considerably. Just be sure to use a test swatch from your scraps before taking a iron to your hard work! :)


  1. says

    love how it makes you feel like a "sophisticated 5 year old" – yes, I think I can imagine that feeling. fun. hehe.

    and i'd say the white belt.

    so sweet! you both are beautiful.

  2. says

    I love that skirt. I would absolutely wear it out, maybe not to the grocer but out for a dinner date yes! It's so whimsical and fun and the color is perfect. I like the bright belt, extra fun.

  3. says

    so cute! i remember seeing something on pinterest about tulle skirts. go search there- might make you feel better about wearing it out, which you should DO!!! the yellow belt- my fav!!!

  4. says

    I saw a tulle skirt while at the beach in December and my mom said "you could totally make that" – and what do you know, tutorials popped up a few weeks later! :) I love your grey version – now I'm even more inspired!!

    P.S. yellow belt! ;-)

  5. says

    Thank you everyone for the encouragement! It’s helping to convince my self conscious self. ;)

    Anneliese. My husband played photographer this time which I was grateful for, because a timer with a baby gets tricky. Thank you though!

    Shannon – It’s GREAT stuff! Have a blast! ;)

    Lisa – Yes. It made me want to skip and twirl around the house and sit crossed legged at a tea party all at the same time. It is really a fun skirt that I am glad I indulged in making.

  6. says

    I am dying right now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little skirts! You look gorgeous in yours… you actually make me want a tulle skirt! The photos are amazing and the glitter elastic is perfect on Natalie’s skirt.

  7. says

    love this!! i just made matching skirts with my 2 daughters this week too… hoping to get it blogged by next week (you know how that goes :)

  8. says

    love this!! i just made matching skirts with my 2 daughters this week too… hoping to get it blogged by next week (you know how that goes :)

  9. says

    love this!! i just made matching skirts with my 2 daughters this week too… hoping to get it blogged by next week (you know how that goes :)

  10. says

    Beautiful ladies, beautiful skirts, and beautiful pictures. You nailed it! Off to buy some tulle so my three little ladies and I can sport some matching skirts…. :)

  11. says

    Those skirts are gorgeous… and oh, my goodness, those photos! I LOVE them. Especially the one where you are holding her out and her little feet are kicking up, and the very last one. So beautiful. =)

  12. says

    You look so beautiful! I love the yellow belt most, but the grey is also cute. I have wanted a tulle skirt for months but, like you, am not sure where I would wear it. The belt makes it a lot more dressy.

  13. says

    Oh these both turned out SO beautifully!!! I hope you do wear it out in public – and if you happen to end up at ALT in the future you’re all set to go. :) Seriously gorgeous photos, too. So sweet.

  14. says

    You wrote this for me didn’t you! Summer, gray winters, I get it, I see what you did there!

    ahah, seriously though I love those skirts. I think I’ll make some for Ed & I out of the pink like I mentioned. instead of pretty and fairytale and elegant we will look trashy punk rock I think… hahah

    Also what is your heritage Delia? I love your skin tone & your eyes! And I love baby Natalie forever and ever! Such a happy babe and I’ve never seen eyes so big! <3

  15. says

    you MUST silence your inner self-conscious critic and wear this OUT! You totally pull it off, and, with the YELLOW belt (my vote, obviously! ha!) it totally dresses it up enough. BE BRAVE! LIFE IS SHORT!

    (came across your blog searching pinterest for cute valentines and holy boy, I have hit the jackpot for SO MUCH MORE! thank you for sharing so much!)

  16. says

    I don't think I've ever commented before, but I just have to! This is SO cute. There are a lot of tutorials for tulle skirts, and as a ballerina I totally love them. Yours is by far the most wearable, though. And you NEED to wear that in public; I for one will be!

  17. says

    Hi Delia! I have a blog and I've been doing a Valentines Day Series with all things romantic and heart shaped I LOVE your skirts and wanted to know if you would be alright with me putting up a picture with a link to your post as part of my series.

  18. says

    This is THE CUTEST Delia! I love the tulle! After seeing a few tulle skirts at the Alt conference, I was eagerly keeping my eyes open to find a version I would wear. I would wear this one, definitely. :) And my daughter would love it as well. Good job! And make sure to wear it. Everyone will love it.

  19. says

    These tulle skirts are gorgeous. I have been thinking about making these for Easter. On your skirt, on the gathered skirts how full did you make them? Thanks Julie

  20. says

    Megs, sorry I didn't provide a detailed tutorial with this one. By taking out some of the fullness I cut a section out of the circle skirt so that it wouldn't flare out so wide. The proper way is to take out two even sections from the sides. I wanted to maintain one seam in the back so I took a small section from there.

  21. Amanda A. says

    Please, please will you make a tutorial for yours? I have tried to put one together and it just TOO floofy. Or maybe just a bit of guidance on your measurements and how you took out the floofiness :) Thanks, I love how yours looks!!

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