Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I just learned that I am a tiny bit Irish today…who knew? I have always liked this holiday because my favorite color is green. But, now I have a little more reason to celebrate I guess.


I donned my favorite green golf pants. I don’t play golf, but I do buy $2 Penguin brand golf pants from DownEast. :)

And look! We have green grass. It is mostly clover but who cares! The snow is melted on our side of the street and it feels like Spring!

I finished up some green crocheted bow ties. Tutorial coming up.

Holidays, big and small, are almost always all about the food. So we started our day off with a gradient of green pancakes…at least that was what I was going for. It ended up looking like a yellow sandwich pancake. :)

Usually when I make pancakes I want the golden speckled look but with these colored ones I was hoping for ones more like i am mommy…go here for the picture and info. They are gorgeous and not brown in the least. As I was cooking them up I realized that I needed to turn my heat down lower. Call me impatient, but they take forever to cook that way.

For lunch I decided to be tricky and make something healthy AND festive. I had Owen help me make rainbow soup.

I got to sit in on one of my sister in law’s Waldorf mommy and me classes a couple of years ago and they made a soup like this. It is a mild soup but super healthy and fun to make.

I even *gasp* let my six year old loose with a steak knife. His first time! And we survived. :) I think the serrated knives are a little harder to cut yourself with so it was a good beginner knife for him.

We melted 2-3 TBSP. of butter in a pan; added half a chopped onion and a few cloves of minced garlic; and then let them cook while we chopped up the rest of the vegetables.

Once everything had been given a good rough chop, we added them to the pot and covered it for a few minutes to let them sweat it out a bit.

Then we added about 4-5 c. of chicken broth. We brought it to a boil and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes until the carrots were tender.

Paired with some bagel chips it was perfect! Reid loved it. Owen…loved the broth. :) I made him take a big bite of vegetables and he was really surprised it didn’t taste bad! Ha ha…kids are so fun.

So I had to make lunch healthy because I knew what was coming.

We had our traditional dinner…

Then for dessert, I improved on my jello and oreo rainbow and came up with this:

The kids’ eyes lit up like sugar cubes when they saw this.

Homemade whipping cream clouds.

An Oreo as our pot of gold, with a foil wrapped gold coin peeking over it’s sliced top.

The kids loved it!

All you do is make rainbow jello jigglers in a square pyrex pan {greased}. Un-mold onto a cutting board and cut into long slices. Those long slices make great rainbows.

I made the slices thick at first which made it a little more difficult to see the rainbow. I tried thinner slices which make the colors stand out better…but they crack easier. Even after setting it on the plate, they can just spontaneously crack a few minutes later.

My husband and I decided we wanted our rainbows in chunks.

I hope you all had a fun St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. says

    i swear i'm the only one who missed out on corned beef & cabbage yesterday (well at least the only one who missed out who actually WANTED IT). the hubs & dude aren't down with the traditional irish fair & i can't eat even the smallest brisket on my own before it goes bad.. :(

    i loooovee your rainbow. much more fun than some of the other jello desserts i've

  2. says

    that soup looks delicious! i can almost taste all those vitamins :) i made the jello rainbow and carlos *loved* it… but i didn't grease the pan, so it turned out to be a rainbow minus purple, which stuck to the bottom!

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