Leather Accessories

Hello there! Have you missed me? I missed you all but have also enjoyed some time off too. Not time off from crafting but time off from blogging. It is amazing the things I have been able to make because I haven’t been on the computer!

So onto my project for today…or should I say projectS?

A few weeks ago I found this leather jacket at a local thrift store for 25 cents! They were having their winter clearance and I hit the jack pot! I was so excited. I also got a few other ugly garments for a quarter that I plan to make into something else. Eeekk…so excited.

As I was cutting up the jacket, it inspired me to get out the leather scraps I bought from Hobby Lobby last year as well. 

Then I went crazy.

I made this belt.

I used the jersey knit from this scarf I made last year, that I wasn’t wearing as much anymore as I did right after I first made it.

Then I cut some leather pieces, 2 identical ones for each side of the belt.

I gathered the knit and sandwiched it into the leather pieces. Then sewed all the way around. I didn’t even use a special needle. I am probably making some of you squirm but it worked okay as long as I went slow.

Then I added buttons on one end and cut button holes on the other side. Pretty simple. The leather doesn’t fray or need reinforcing stitches. So nice!

The only thing that bugs me is the seam from when it was a t-shirt.

I do love how it has some stretch so I can wear it high or low on my waist.

I chose to wear it high with this jersey skirt I made last summer.

Then I made another belt from the jacket.

I haven’t figured out how to style it yet…

I also made some leather cuffs.

These were so fast and easy. This semi ruffled one is my favorite.

I just took a strip of jersey knit. Bunched it a bit as I sewed to the leather. Added a button and a button hole like I did with the belts. And it was done!

And this one I only sewed buttons onto and cut slits for button holes. That’s it.

It started to snow/rain when I was taking pictures. Yikes! So I took a pic again in my house.

I still have leather left over. Lots. I am thinking wallet? Hmmm. What else?

I hope you are having a lovely Spring day!
I’ll be thinking Spring thoughts while it snows over here! :)


  1. says

    I am seriously loving the leather looks right now and belts oh my! You just have such a good eye for things like this! I am going to have to try it!

  2. says

    Adorable accessories! I'm excited to see what comes of the thrift store finds!
    Glad you were able to take some time for yourself. It's good to refresh with a break every now and then.
    Happy crafting!

  3. says

    I love the belts! And the cuffs, especially the second one. I would wear all of those. Now that I have figured out how to use the steel beast that is my grandmother's sewing machine, I really should try out sewing with leather. Just need to find some now that I have this awesome inspiration.

  4. says

    a small clutch bag will also do i think with your leftover leather. love those belts. cant wait to go to the thrift store and buy an old leather jacket. hehehe! tks

  5. says

    our brains are totally on the same leather jacket frequency!!! i have been searching for one to cut up forEVER!!! i want to make a great hand bag and some jewelry… but i better add cute belt to the list!


    ps.. you are so gorgeous, seriously!

  6. says

    those are the cutest accessories i have ever seen!!! not even joking! i love the combination of fabric with the leather and all the different kinds of buttons you used! i LOVE your blog and it is one of my favorites :) thanks so much for the inspiration. you should come and check out my blog :) madisonavenue2011.blogspot.com…feel free to become a follower ;)

  7. says

    I love this idea! I especially love the first design, and I immediately thought of all the potential fabrics, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  8. says

    You are so adorable! I love how you always manage to create something modest. I wish I had the creative mind to look at something like that and create something totally different. Thanks for all your inspiring posts.

  9. says

    SO cute! You're very talented. I have used leather similar to that in the bracelet. It was from leather scraps from a couch that's been in our family for a while. Thanks for the inspiration!


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