Neutral Lovin’ Valentines with Shwin & Shwin

I have a treat for you today…
Shauna from Shwin & Shwin is here! 
Shauna is a mom to three adorable cuties…one who is still very new! See pictures of her adorable Penny here in a dress she crocheted for her. (There is a free pattern!)
 Shauna is also the creator of adorable kid’s clothing sewing patterns, such as this boy’s jacket, this girl’s jacket, and this free color block dress pattern.
If that isn’t enough she is a kid craft contributor to Kiwi Crate. Check out all her great kid projects here. She is definitely a must follow blogger.
I am so excited to have her here today sharing a fun valentine you can make with your kids. Here’s Shauna!
 Hello Delia Creates readers! I am Shauna from Shwin&Shwin. It is a true honor to be here, Delia is so amazingly talented (which you know since that’s why you are here) so it was amazing to be asked here.
Also, what a fun series! When I first heard winter whites, my mind instantly went to the Valentines. Since we are having a crazy cold and snowy winter this year we have snow covered ground and Valentines day is right around the corner. Since I am not a big fan of the cartoon valentines, or all the typical red and pink that is everywhere I knew some fun neutrals, shiny silver, and lots of textures layered together would make fantastic valentines. My kids also love to craft and I love to craft with them so we made these together for Jude to bring to school.
They were super easy to make. (a 5 year old could do it) We first picked out paper with lots of textures and in fun neutral colors with some shimmery peach for a pop of color. I used my silhouette to cut out the hearts but you could just as easily cut them out by hand. Brads, we used mini ones to hold everything together and they look cute. Washi tape, or labels would work we liked the decorative element and it gave us something to write on. We also used a large sharp needle to punch a hole for the brad, any sharp object will work.
 Then I put piles of the hearts by size and color on the table and let the kids stack them however they wanted them. It is a great for kids learning, color and size comparison, as they stack different colors and different sizes together to create their one of a kind valentine.
 Once they stacked them the way they wanted I punched a hole through all the hearts and then we added the brad and stuck a little washi tape tag on.
 Then Jude took his class list and started adding the kids names on the washi tape. I helped him with the longer names (seriously some of the kids have 14 letter names)
Then all of our cute little neutral colored valentines…
Were addressed and ready to go! We will add a little piece of candy when he brings them to school since I am pretty certain that’s all kids really care about.
Thanks so much for having me Delia! What a fun and bright series!

I love how classy, adorable and kid friendly these are. 
Thank you so much Shauna for being my guest!
For more Valentine kid crafts from Shwin & Shwin, go here and here

Oh and don’t miss this adorable furry scarf over at Kojodesigns!


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