Paper Crane Mobile

If you follow me on instagram (@deliacreates) then you have probably already seen this project.

paper crane mobile (9 of 16)

It’s a really simple mobile I made for my daughter’s room (you can see more of her room in THIS post) out of origami paper cranes. It’s not a novel idea. I am sure you have seen plenty of versions via the intr-a-net… :) This is just my version.

paper crane mobile (1 of 16) I think origami is such a pretty craft. Sweet and simple with an almost elegant finish.

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Making this mobile is pretty straightforward. I just folded some paper cranes and strung them to an embroidery hoop with some black thread.

paper crane mobile (3 of 16) The only tricky part was to fold the cranes out of cardstock. I made 8 birds and only kept 6 because my first two were no bueno. I tried looking for black paper and could not find it anywhere. Black cardstock, yes, paper, no. Not wanting to have to order it online, I just went with the cardstock. It was really hard to fold, but I like that the end result will likely hold up longer. If you decide to do the same I suggest using a bone folder to help you, or the side of a pencil.

Need a paper crane tutorial? Go HERE.

edit2-002 It takes some time to shift the threads around to get the balance just right.

Oh and I also removed the outer ring of the embroidery hoop after this picture for balance reasons.

paper crane mobile x Because this mobile is fairly light, I secured it to the ceiling with a small hook that I screwed in by hand.  paper crane mobile (11 of 16)

paper crane mobile (7 of 16) I tried to make the birds out of reach, but my daughter is a little taller than I anticipated.

paper crane mobile (14 of 16) One crane has fallen prey to her persistence but the rest have fared well. :) Thankfully…


paper crane mobile (12 of 16)

Now let’s hope they don’t take flight out of the window themselves. ;)


  1. Renee says

    This looks really elegant in all black! My girls have one like this in their room – we had used paper cranes at our wedding as seating cards, and I strung up the extras to make a mobile for the changing table.

  2. says

    I love it! I don’t think it would hold up to Olivia’s persistence though, yesterday evening I hung a little Christmas string OFF THE CEILING in her room and this morning she didn’t come out until it was on the floor. It only lasted overnight because she was sleeping for most of that time D: Maybe in Nicole’s room, though, with white cranes? I wonder if she could make them herself…

  3. says

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