Pencil Skirt

I was tired of admitting that I am just a beginner sewer. I couldn’t sew a proper zipper, or a button hole correctly and I wanted to fix that. My goal last week was to finally conquer a tissue paper pattern and an invisible zipper. And I did!

Of course…leave it up to me to be scared of even just the easy 2 hour tissue paper pattern. :)

Well here’s the thing I got it from DI so it had missing pieces. Actually it was mostly missing (should have checked before buying it!). I had to redraft the waistband which I made wider anyway, and the back piece because there wasn’t one. But it worked!

I tried my hand at darts again too.

And the zipper is not so invisible I guess…but at least it works {last time I tried one it just broke}. It’s yellow because I was afraid that if I bought a special zipper for this skirt I would be extra bummed if it failed. I have a bag full of randomly colored invisible zippers from a yard sale. Yellow was close enough and ahem…it IS supposed to be invisible right? :)

And I know I need to add a little eye and hook to the top. But, for now I am happy with it.

I still wore it anyway.  A cardigan disguised the yellow zipper and the missing hook quite nicely. I also finally got my sewing machine manual out and learned how to do a blind stitched hem on my machine. That’s how I finished off the bottom and the slit in the back.

And the skinny belt? Fifty cents at the thrift store! Whoo hoo.

The shoes are $4 from D.I. I usually like to shop at DI but there are smaller thrift stores around town that are cropping up that offer much better prices. It’s where I got the 25 cent leather jacket from last week too.

So…no tutorial today. But I hope to include zippers in my project much more from now on.

Click here for a great video tutorial for sewing an invisible zipper from Grosgrain.

Hope you’re having a great day!


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    Great job! And what is the deal with the prices at DI lately. Last week I spotted a pair of jeans for $50 and Saturday a dresser for $450. It's not thrifting if you are paying full price!

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    I agree with Katie you are classy!
    I think you did great! My goal is also to sew for me soon and pencil skirt is my favorite kind of skirt I think I will try to find a pattern and try it! You did a great job.

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    GREAT JOB! I dig the yellow zipper of which I cannot see, because it is in fact invisible! I'm a chicken and am too afraid to learn to REALLY sew. Lame I know. Maybe I need a cute friend to teach me? Wink wink.

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    You did GREAT and I LOVE the yellow zipper! I have a pattern for a cute pencil skirt just waiting for me–maybe this will spur the project on.

    And I think it's totally fine to not have tutorials! People still appreciate a good project when they see one!

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    Nice first tissue paper pattern job! :) I usually shy away from the packaged patterns because they can be so confusing and non-discript (for us beginners). I much more prefer the .pdf I can find online :) Great job on the pencil skirt!

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    To have an invisible zipper truly come out 'invisible', you must use an invisible zipper foot. I was skeptical, and tried it many times with a regular zipper foot, and it never worked. I broke down and spent the $20something for the special foot, and HOLY CRAP. Amazing! It comes out right every time! I started making pillow covers like a crazy person. I could do it in my sleep now.

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    You are beautiful! And so is that skirt. Good job. I am still hesitant of zippers, but you did very well! Love the photos.

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    i love your skirt. i kind of feel the same way about sewing so you've really encouraged me. of course, right now i have a six week old baby so i'm not getting too much sewing done at the moment…

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    The skirt is AMAZING! When you need dress clothes so often I get tired of rotating through all my church clothes. You are also a great DI-er I never find anything I like/want.

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    oh my gosh GORGEOUS! great job!!! zippers are the worst aren't they!!! i finally had my friend teach me a couple tricks and they are SO easy to do now, i used to avoid a zipper at all costs and now i sort of love them!


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    Marvelously done! I love the yellow zipper (very Seth Aaron Henderson) and you look so vintage chic in the skirt. You've inspired me to (gulp) try my hand at another zipper. Thanks! :)

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