Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

This is the costume I’ve been planning on making…
Nothing super hard to make, or even original at all. But I wanted our little baby peeking through my mummy wraps.
I added a bow to her now that we know she’s a she. :)
The reason this seemed better in my head is…that it is a huge pain to put these wraps on {duh Delia}, they don’t stay put very well, and I couldn’t wrap below my waist since I have to take frequent trips to the loo. :)
I feel bad for wasting $4 on muslin. I’m cheap like that. Maybe I’ll try again on Halloween night and have my husband wrap me up.
For tonight’s Halloween carnival though, I think I’m going to wear this instead.
And wear this hat-ette to go with it.
Much more comfy. :)
Happy Halloween weekend!


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    You are so incredibly cute, I'm a bit jealous even though I know that's wrong. (Is it ok to be jealous if you admit it? :-) Have fun, you look lovely!

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    Very, very cute! I'll keep that in mind next time I have a baby bump!

    Also, those were such cute photos of your babies in your last post! My husband is half Hispanic (brown eyes), so we thought our kids would have brown eyes, too. All four of them have beautiful blue eyes!…but I'm still hoping for a brown eyed baby some day! :)

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    So funny, when I read the blog title I thought "sounds like all my ideas"….or how easy I imagine the construction…which never is as easy as I imagine. Also, I have been so consumed with our home life, I haven't been blog reading as much – and completely had no idea you were expecting!! and it's a GIRL! Congrats!!!! (you give us hope with the 'already have 2 boys,

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    The Mummy is very cute. Maybe a bit of tacking/sewing or even some glue would make the application of the bandages less of a hassle so the shirt could be put together before putting it on.
    Love it!

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    I love that you are real enough to have a blog titled "this looked much better in my head." Seems I had a lot of those moments when I have been pregnant. Glad you figured out how to comfortably get that bow on your tummy! Thanks for sharing =]

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    Too cute. By the way, I made your pumpkin hat-ette and posted about it. It looks way cute on my kids. Thanks for the great ideas.

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    OOOOH MY GOSSSSSH! I am totally in love with your blog. I never look at the 'blogs of note' and for some reason I did tonight and found yours!
    I'm am just so upset that I never found it earlier because I just love your Mummy outfit! Im pregnant now and was looking for a costume that was pregnant themed! Didn't even go out because I had nothing to wear!


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