Yellow with Cherie from You & Mie

Have I got a treat for you. Cherie from You & Mie is here for Yellow day!
Although Cherie is fairly new on the blogging scene, you have probably already seen her make guest appearances all over blog land. This girl is oozing with sewing talent and creativity. She has the CUTEST little girl named Yuki, who she designs the prettiest clothes for. 
Her projects always make me ooh and ahh. Her creations are unique and her workmanship is top notch. If you don’t follow her already, you must!
I have never had the desire to take up quilting, but the project she is sharing today is enticing me to change my mind.
Here’s Cherie!

Hello color lovers!  I’m Cherie from you & mie and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be guest posting on Delia’s blog and for Color Your Summer, no less!  This has got to be one of the most fun series out there – I mean, you can’t go wrong with SUMMER and COLOR – they are two of my favorite things.

When I think of summer, I think of picnics.  When the sun is out, I guarantee that my family will be out at the beach or park with some food and drink to soak up the beautiful weather.  It’s one of my absolute favorite activities.  So this summer I wanted to create a new picnic blanket to celebrate the start of picnic season.

In the past we’ve had a few store bought picnic blankets that we loved for their portability, but they weren’t well made and would start to rip or fall apart after a year.  I wanted to create something that was sturdy and easy to carry around, but had the look and feel of a homemade quilt.  So I made, what I call, the Sunburst Picnic Blanket.

It is a quilted blanket with a duck cloth bottom.  It folds up nicely and is secured with velcro and has a handle for easy carrying.

This tutorial is now available on Cherie’s site: You & Mie. Go HERE to check it out!

Oh my…isn’t Yuki a doll? 
And the blanket, is down right gorgeous. 
I love the sunburst quilt top and the easy fold up design. 
Thank you for coloring our summer Cherie!
Be sure to go to Kojodesigns for more some clever yellow printables for your home!


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    cherie, you are just way too good at this! seriously. this quilt is awesome and of course i’m mighty partial to the sunburst design (thanks for linking, girl!!). happy picnicking!

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    this is amazing! what a beautiful blanket! couldn’t have been done any better, seriously want this for myself! :) great job Cherie!

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    I really love this quilt! I JUST made my first quilt ever–finished it last week, and I have a lot to learn, but this looks like I might be able to do it!

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    Thanks everyone for your comments! It really was a fun project and it's very practical – I used this one all weekend long and foresee much more picnic time in the coming months. I consider myself a beginning quilter, so you certainly can do it!

    And thank you Delia, for all your kind words, encouragement and letting me share on your blog. You're the best!

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    @Jennelle – I shop in stores (I've yet to start shopping online and it's a good thing because once I did, I'd probably be addicted!!!). All of the fabrics for this quilt were from Joann's Fabrics except for the Oliver + S Modern Workshop Wave fabric I bought from a quilting boutique.

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    Please tell me you prewashed your duck fabric?? I discovered on accident that duck shrinks by a few inches once it gets wet. Even a exposure to a small amount of moisture made it wrinkle and distort all funny like.

    That aside, it's adorable and just what I was looking for!

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    I did wash my duck cloth! I pre-wash/dry/iron everything (and generally don't work with fabrics that are not machine washable). I've heard that it's hard to iron and get all the wrinkles out, but I didn't have any trouble at all. I chose duck cloth because I thought it'd be durable, but would be easy to machine wash (compared to oil cloth or laminated cotton). But if you&#

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    Hi Kate! I work at a school, so I think I had taken a bit off of the roll and had it at home for projects (shhh . . . don’t tell!). I bet they sell some at large art supply stores. I recently bought a large pad of tracing paper at Michael’s (arts and crafts supply store), which you might have to tape two pieces together, but otherwise would work fine too. Good luck and I hope I get to see your finished quilt/blanket!

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    Love this! The colors, the adorable little girl, and the fun patterns!! So great, you’ve inspired me to make one too :) Where can you buy duck cloth??

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