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Zippered Pillow Tutorial – Two Ways

Zippers can be scary right? Especially if you are new to sewing. But there is really no need to fear! It’s one of those things you have to jump in and try, so you can surprise yourself and see that it’s quite satisfying. It is best though, to not jump in blind. Zippers come with… 

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DIY Headwrap Bands Tutorial

I admit. I am pretty late to the headwrap party. I’ve always admired them on others, but haven’t worn them. Probably because I hadn’t made any yet! As a DIY-er, buying one was out. You know how it is? So, I took literally 10 minutes (including time taking pictures) and just made one already! :)… 

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Merged Family Photo Tutorial

Getting a decent family photo with small children is a task and a half! When organizing our family photo shoot for our most recent family photo (see THIS post), I decided to cut through all the headache, and take each person’s pictures one at a time; then merge them together during editing. Sounds simple enough right?… 

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Photo Family Home Evening Board or Chore Board

One night a week, usually on Mondays, families apart of my church hold a family night. There are prayers, singing, a lesson and/or activity, and a treat. It’s a simple weekly gathering designed to help families stay strong and happy. It’s called Family Home Evening or FHE and there are about a million different FHE boards… 

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DIY Graphic Tees + Free Printables!

Graphic tees are really big as of late. I guess…when are they not though? Am I right…? ;) I really love the simple, bold graphic tees that are popular right now. I’ve been wanting to buy some but it’s hard to find one that says something that I wouldn’t mind wearing plastered across my chest…you know what I… 

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Pleated Pencil Skirt Re-Mix Tour Round Up

The Pleated Pencil Skirt Re-Mix Tour is complete! Five other bloggers and I have mixed and mashed my pencil skirt pattern into nine different versions. Check them out… Click on each link to go to the full pattern re-mix tutorial: 1. Ruched Waistband | Girl.Inspired  2. Chiffon Gathered Skirt from | Delia Creates 3. Knit… 

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