An "o-FISH-al" Father’s Day Gift Idea + a free printable!

Father’s Day is two weeks away and I’ve got an idea for the fisherman in your life.

My husband is a fish biologist by trade (not marine biologist, he studies fish in inland waters..sorry I always have to clarify). He also enjoys fly fishing when he has time and line fishing with our boys. So…of course I had to play that up for his gift this year.

It’s a super simple idea…but aren’t those the best?

I grabbed the cheese factor for this printable from this cute kid snack idea I pinned from HERE.

Printed it up (printable at the bottom of the post), backed it with scrapbook paper and taped it to the top of a foam cooler. (please excuse the raindrops…)

It’s as fancy as I would let myself get, because I knew my husband would be a little annoyed if I tried pretty-ing this thing up any further. ;)

And…I know, I know. Foam is not great for the environment, but we use these for caught fish. I think that explains it. Plus…if you read the label they tell you how to recycle it. (There. Conscience satisfied).

I haven’t finished filling it up. But so far…

We have his favorite gourmet root beer I pretty much only buy this time of year, a fish scale because he doesn’t have one yet, and not fishing related but I knew he and the boys will love them – potato guns. Just the packaging makes me laugh (Swell!). I might regret it, or it might the most awesome thing I’ve bought for my boys. I guess I’ll find out.

We plan on adding some more fishing goodies, some pictures drawn by the kids, and new flies – it’s a tradition for my boys to pick out new ones for him every Father’s Day. I’m sure a fishing outing will also be involved. Easy, practical, and I know my husband will enjoy it.

Do you have a fisherman you think would enjoy something like this?

I created some free printables you can grab by right clicking and saving to your computer:

You can also use this one..but you’ll need to add the rest of the words…

I loaded these full size, so you can enlarge them a bit if needed.

Or you can download this HERE and this one HERE. They are sized to 8.5 x11. If you print them back to back on one sheet of cardstock you can fold it into a card. Easy peasy.

If you don’t like how I spaced the images, you can crop the card to a square, or you can grab the image above ^^^ and make your own. Add grandpa, uncle, etc. to the inside the card instead if you like.

PLEASE NOTE: All printables are for personal use only. Thank you!

**Oh and one more thing!

If you need a gift that would be great for a young dad (or maybe a spry grandpa), Jessica from The Blue Basket sent our family these adorable shirts for Father’s Day.

photo credit: Jessica Jackson

So perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap wouldn’t you say? ;) (at least at our house)

Jessica originally designed and blogged this idea as a DIY project. Due to popular demand, she has begun selling them as professionally printed T-shirts…which is a blogger’s dream come true! How cool!!

You can buy them in black and white, and have your kids color them in, or get it in full color for a dollar extra. They are blank on the front, so it also serves as a great basic tee as well. Go HERE to purchase one. You have just enough time before June 16th!

Hope you’re having a great one.


  1. says

    Thanks for the fun ideas. My dad is a fisherman and takes my kids all the time. I'm always scared to buy anything fishing related because I don't know what I'm doing. I wish I could remember how to tie the flies he taught me when I was little.

  2. says

    Came across your post on Pinterest while looking for ideas for my native aquatics biologist husband… :D Thanks for the inspiration and printables!

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