Christmas Card Wreath

Christmas is here!

I told myself I would wait until at least December 1st to haul the Christmas decorations out, but changed my mind yesterday. My five year has been begging me to since mid-November and when it looks like this outside…

It just feels like Christmas.

Here is my 2 year old hanging out on a snow dish. We built a mini sled hill in our front yard using a snow drift yesterday. We got A LOT of snow over the holiday weekend.

Only half of our Christmas stuff is up so we are starting out slow but…the festivities have begun.

Anyway…back to the card wreath. I got the tutorial from Kojodesigns Tea Wreath Tutorial.

We haven’t gotten any Christmas cards yet so I stuffed our postcards in the clothespins. Obviously we haven’t sent ours out yet either. :)

We send postcards to most of our extended family to save on postage and then just direct them to our family blog. It was my compromise between not sending any cards and sending a full card. The postage is about half as much and cheaper to print/make since there are no envelopes and no folds.

Yes…the clothespins are kind of close together but if I use a couple pins for one card it works great.

Kojo used it as a place to put gift cards and cards at a baby shower too. Clever huh? I made my wreath green and white so I can use it outside of Christmas if I want.

Merry Decorating! :)



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