Ear Warmers…simplified tutorial

It’s been getting brisk around here so I made a couple more ear warmers.
This is one {below} that was inspired by a church talk that’s been on my mind a lot lately…found here.
With little Forget Me Nots peppered up the side.
I’ll admit. I so badly wanted this one to turn out better than it did. I felt a bit limited by the fleece colors available at three different fabric stores. Still…I like that it reminds me of how loved I felt when I heard President Uchtdorf speak.
I also made this yellow one.
I know the bow is a bit – um – big and ostentatious, but I can’t help but like it. :)
These ear warmers are VERY simple and so cozy warm.
So, I figured now was a good time to share the tutorial again…simplified.
Here goes…
You can use an old wool sweater that has been shrunk a few too many times (felted) but fleece is inexpensive and cinch to use as well.
A quarter yard of fleece is enough to make two adult ear warmers depending on how much embellishing you want to do.
I finally got around to making a paper pattern as you see here. I don’t have it for free download, but you can see the measurements.
The length shown is for the full length of the ear warmer {not the half pattern}.
You can also measure around your head and then add about 2 inches to get your length.
  Cut your ear warmer out in the shape you desire.
If you are making your own pattern with different measurements than mine, allow yourself an extra 1/4 inch on the long sides.
Fold the long sides under about 1/4 inch and sew.
Wrap it around your head and adjust the length if needed {depends on fabric stretch, how tight you want it}. Then hem the ends under.
 Add a button and a button hole.
For fleece you don’t really need to sew a button hole.
Just cut a slit slightly smaller than your button.
Embellish as you please.
You can do this by machine, but I usually tack my embellishments on by hand.
And you’re done.
Told you it was simple. :)
You can wrap a nice knit fabric over the top like the one I made here
or double up the fleece to make it warmer.
Flowers also add a nice touch:
Or… you can add a huge double bow to the side. : )

This bow is SO huge I did a mixture of fabric gluing and hand tacking. Don’t let the glue do all the work though. Hand tack enough that if the glue starts to wear down, the stitches will still hold it in place.

The possibilities are endless!

P.S. Please note that this tutorial is to make ear warmers for personal use and not for sale. Thank you!

Thank you for reading. :)
Have a nice day!


  1. says

    Gorgeous! The grey one with all the flowers looks vintagey! I was thinking that the white one with Forget Me Nots was my favorite, then I saw the blue one with striped bow, then I saw the grey one. My oh my. Which one? They are all so beautiful. You look fabulous in them too!

  2. says

    these are fantastic. i’m not a big sewer (is that how you spell it? cause it just looks like swere pronounced sue-er), but i might have to pull out the machine for these. i love the mustard bow one!

  3. says

    These are great! One question though–if I’m using fleece, do I really need to hem it all the way around? I know it looks more polished, but since fleece doesn’t ravel, it isn’t an absolute necessity, right?

  4. says

    So clever! I am always looking for unique gift items for my nine grandchildren. Since they live in Minnesota, this would be perfect for all the girls!

    Glad I found your blog. I just realized I am signed in on my dog’s blog …. oh, well.

  5. says

    The winter headbands are a great idea, and I’m thinking that even if I don’t get to sew an entire one (though it seems simple), I could always embellish an ear band for a different (and better) look. I do like the button closure though, and while you said one button could do, I like the idea of two in case you want to adjust it (e.g., to have a friend try it).

  6. says

    This is such a cute pattern, thank you for sharing! I would really like to see the pattern for what you call the Lucy Flower. I think you said you got the pattern from another blog, would you mind posting a link to that blog? I would GREATLY appreciate that!

  7. says

    I am so ready to make these! Thanks for the fun and inspiring tutorials.

    Also, thanks for reminding me of Elder Uchtdorf's talk, too! I'm so glad I've stumbled upon your blog – I love it and plan to return. :)


  8. says

    Oh, Delia! How I am coveting that mustard yellow one! But the navy with stripes is pretty awesome too. I'm afraid to try it, because I'm fairly certain I'd be disappointed with the outcome after seeing the inspiration! They are gorgeous!

  9. says

    Ok, so I know you've said how EASY these are to make. And even shared the pattern with us. However, I am completely inept at creating anything from fabric and sewing and the like. If I sent you my address, how much would you charge if I asked you to make a few of these and send them to me? I'm serious. I would pay for shipping, too. If your at all interested, let me know :)

  10. says


    You have been inspiring the creativity inside of me lately! I went out and bought a couple of old sweaters and a remnant of fleece to make mittens for the Mitten cause…and then ended up making several head warmers out of the fleece…so incredibly cute! One question — when I first made the ear warmers 5 3/4", it just kind of ruffled around the top of my head since it

  11. says

    These are super cute!!! I am a person who needs every single step of a process. Can you post how exactly you did the bow step by step? I want to make one…or just buy one from you! Let me know if you are selling any, or please please post a how to with the bow on the ear warmer.


  12. says

    Could you please tell me how you made the big bow and flower, I have tried and mine were so sad looking I put it away. you are so creative and thoughtful for sharing with us…..thank you

  13. says

    I love the gray flowered one and the one with the big bow. This will be my first year living in winter again and I think I'm going to have make a LOT of these to keep me warm and happy.

  14. says

    I've just found this ear warmer idea, which is just brilliant, and I'd love to introduce some of these pictures on my blog and cafe. I will definitely link and introduce your blog. Thank you for this wonderful ideas and pictures!

  15. Heather says

    I know u said in your post that the now on the yellow headband is a bit big but out of all the DIY headbands I found I liked yours the best because it was so big and cute! I am making this today for my 10 yr old daughter and her cheerleader buddies since it is freezing here and they have to be in a parade tomorrow with their hair in pony tails! Love it!!! Thanks again for such am amazingly easy post. ;)

  16. says

    I love these! I come back here often and visit every time I get a hankering to make an ear warmer (which is usually around this time of year). Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us to make pretty things. I just looked this up again to share it with my sister who is in Alaska.

    Have a great day!


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