Flip Flop Straps

I am sure like many of you, I was at Old Navy this last Saturday morning for the flip flop sale!

I got one for each of my boys and a pair for me. When I got home my husband remarked that he wished all the flip flops came with the cool strap in the back like the toddler boy ones have. I shrieked, “You’re a genius!”

That is when the hunt began for colored elastic. I live in a relatively small-ish town so my choices for buying crafting stuff can sometimes be limited. I could only find white and black elastic. So then I started hunting for head bands to use in place of elastic. The ONLY place I could find a thicker RED headband was at our DollarTree and not with the headbands – I had to check the Memorial Day supplies aisle. Seriously…after four stores I was losing hope and wondering if I was going insane wasting my time on this. Anyway…you don’t want to hear about that. :)

So with my red headband I cut it it in half…

and hand sewed it on the flip flop straps. I went back and forth several times. I wanted to be sure it would stay nicely. I am sure you could machine sew it but I wanted to sit and watch TV with my hubby :)

You could glue the straps to stay in a certain place but I didn’t. I just hike them up after he puts them on and they stay great once on.

One tip that I wish I had known before….RIGHT after you cut your elastic head band apply fray check or singe the edges {or serge them?}. The outside threads frayed severely on some of the ends.

Some turned out okay, but I bet singeing it will keep all of them nicer.

Also note that the strap may look a bit short. This ensures it will keep their sandals on their feet better. If it is too long then it is really pointless I think (like I kind of wish my toddler boy’s flip flops were a bit tighter).

Summer here we come!

Edited to add: At the time I wrote this post, there were just not many places that sold colored elastic. Now you can find it in almost any color, type, in soft fold over kind, even glittery elastic! That should make this project much much easier.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for doing all of the foot work for us. Going from store to store is exhausting.


  2. says

    I've been back-reading your blog for a while and I just came upon this entry today! I love your idea! Someone gave my daughter a pair of baby flipflops and though it already has elastic straps at the back, it keeps slipping of her feet. I wanted to add another strap to go over the feet to keep it in place. I have no idea how though (the back strap is attached like

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing. I can wear flip flops to work but they have to have a strap. I have use black elastic and now I going to be on the hunt for headbands! Great Idea.

  4. Diane says

    That's a genius idea. My daughter is 2, and has yet to learn the trick for walking in her sandals & flip-flops. I am going to fix her cute little shoes after I stock up on headbands. Again, a GENIUS idea!

  5. says

    This is an awesome idea! I love the idea of buying those great mulit-pks of colorful eleastic headbands at Dollar Tree and other places like 99 Cents Always stores. I have balance problems and although I love wearing sandals in this intense TX heat, it's easy to step mout of them unless they have a backstrap. An idea for those who don't have easy access to Dollar Tree is to use regular,


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