Lego Birthday Party

Owen turned 6 on Saturday! I can hardly believe it. Here’s the Lego King himself wearing the crown I actually forgot to have him wear during the party. Ha!

This is him after his party posing in front of the wall of paper Legos I made. I opted for this instead of Lego bunting which was my original plan.

The party was a great success. During the party one of his friends remarked, “This is the best birthday party ever!” Sigh…That made it all worth it. :)

There were hiccups to be sure. I forgot a few things and the cake turned out pretty bad looks wise, hence why there is NO close up of that, but it felt so good to see the kids happy with everything. Owen says it’s “embarassing” to act too excited about anything {new phase I assume} but he told me later he loved his party.

First, the invitations were delivered. I just took a picture of one of his Lego guys in front some of his green Lego bases, added some text, and printed them off at Sam’s club for 15 cents a piece.

To add a little extra touch, I cut the top of the invite out to make it look like a Lego. In retrospect I would have made his name bigger but…too late. :)

To kick the party off we printed off dot-to-dot Lego coloring sheets downloaded from the website. Click here for the link.

The kids colored while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Once our party guests were all present we started in on the games.

The first one was a little game I made up called “I Spy the Lego Guy.”

We hid six paper Lego guys in our living room, because Owen was turning six, and had them find them. We actually did this a few times because it was such a big hit. To make the Lego guys we used this kirigami pattern… click here for the link.

Then we played Lego, Lego, Who’s got the Lego? If you know how to play the button version, then ignore the rest of this paragraph. You have one child be “it” and leave the room while the rest figure out who is going to hide the Lego/button in their hand. Then they call the “it” child back in who now has to guess who has the Lego. Once they figure it out, the child who had the Lego is now “it.” The kids love it because they try to pretend to have it and fool who ever is “it.”

It is such a silly, simple game, but they LOOOOoove it. In my experience it has worked great for the 3-6 crowd. I haven’t played it with anyone older.

Our last game, was another game I made up. Er…let’s call it Lego Collaboration.

We had a bowl full of Lego pieces wrapped up. Some packages had one, others had much more. The kids picked a package, unwrapped it, and added the Legos inside to the Lego base in the middle of the circle. They then passed the bowl to the next child who took the Legos they got and added them onto what had already been built.

It got sillier and more creative as they went. The kids really got into it and started adding things and making changes all at once. Luckily no one got their feelings hurt about how it was being built.

I popped in to help with the games here and there but my husband did most of it. Isn’t he great? Keeping nine kids engaged and happy mostly by himself for 45 minutes.  Now that is sexy. :)

During games I stepped into the kitchen to get the table changed from coloring table to party table.

And to get the food prepped.

We had blocks of cheese and cucumber. This little detail was one of my favorite parts of the party believe it or not. The kids had a five minute long, round table discussion about who likes cheese and who doesn’t and who likes cucumbers and who doesn’t and why. It was hilarious to just listen in on.

We had my favorite. Corn puffs…oh my. I love these a little bit TOO much.

The kids knew right where to sit with these Lego place cards. I took pictures of Owen’s Lego guy from his invitations in front of a red background and yellow background {so I could alternate the colors on the table} and added the comic bubble in photoshop elements. I then printed it out as wallet at Sam’s {17 cents for two wallets} and cut out the Lego bumps off the top. To get them to stand up we used some new Legos from the set we bought for party favors.

They loved seeing their name and several anxiously asked if they could take it home.

I used mason jars filled with big Legos as a balloon weight. I got the idea here.

Used the kirigami pattern to actually make the kirigami Lego guys.

The table runner you see is actually a roll of bubble wrap painted green to make it look like a Lego base. I got a roll of of bubble wrap from the Dollar Tree and green spray paint for $1.27 from Walmart. The idea is from this link here.

And the plates are the square ones that come 16 in a pack for $1.50 at Walmart. I added a Lego man face with a sharpie and a yellow cardstock nub to the top with glue.

More on the lego juice box bricks in this post here.

The cake well…it flopped. I didn’t give myself enough time. I had my “make it work” moment about 20 minutes before the party started when the fondant still wasn’t on the cake – poor planning on my part – but it tasted great. I used a family pound cake recipe and some marshmallow fondant. The kids expressed concern that it was so small…{hanging head in shame}, but even with one kid having three pieces, there was plenty and then some.

We had barely any leftovers {if you don’t count the other pound cake I didn’t frost} which is how I like it.

After cake, Owen opened presents, and then it was pinata time!

For candy bags I took some plastic bread bags and put the other name place card {you have to print the wallets in duplicate} inside so they would know whose was whose.

So that everyone would get a chance to the pull the string, we had each child grip a ribbon and pull at the same time. The candy whooshed out and brought on the candy frenzy.

Side note: Before we started, I made the rule that they could eat one piece of candy and then give their bags to me so I could save them for when they went home. You might not choose to be so strict, but the kids responded very well to this little bargain.

After all the pinata candy was cleaned up they played with Owen’s Lego collection while we waited for parents to come for pick up.

As they left they got a Lego “brick” with a little bag of Lego brick candy {that you can actually build with} and a Lego creation Owen made for them or a Lego ring I made for the girls.

I bought a new $15 pack of Legos from Walmart for the goody bags. I know you can purchase pretty great party pack creator sets online for about $20 plus shipping for 8 kids. We went with splitting up the $15 set because it was cheaper, there was no shipping, we had 9 kids total {for some reason I thought Owen and Reid would feel left out if they didn’t get a “brick” but they didn’t even care about the party favors – live and learn}, and my son only decided on this theme last week. If I could do it again the party sets would be the way to go.

I ended up setting up their place cards with the bricks since so many of them wanted to take them home.

All in all it was a great party!

Now here is a round up of all my Lego party Links:

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Happy Party Planning!


  1. says

    WOW! i think you totally nailed everything a lego party could be! i love that you had him make creations for each child & that you made rings for the girls out of legos! very thoughtful!

    love every little thing!

    and i think your cake is wonderful! i know how crushing the whole cake experience can be. my worst flop came in the form of my son's 2nd birthday cake. it

  2. says

    Oh, Delia! That turned out just darling! I love all the details like the Lego juice boxes, the games, and the goodie boxes. :)

    Great work and I'm sure your little guy just loved it to pieces…and all of his friends will want a Lego party for their birthday party too. :)

  3. says

    What a darling party! They games sounded so fun and the decorations and favor boxes were out of this world!!! Hope your little guy had a terrific day!

  4. says

    Wow….I am amazed and my son is in awe!! I saw your post last week and couldn't wait to see how the party turned out. I think we may be using all of your ideas..hope you don't mind…they are all great. My son is obsessed with Lego's and this will be perfect. Any other links or info you have would be greatly appreciated :) You really outdid yourself on this one :)

  5. says

    Wow, you're the most amazing mom ever! Everything was done so perfectly and beautifully. My sister's family LOVES legos (especially her hubby) so I'm definitely showing this to her. Way to go!

  6. says

    You are so cute! I actually found your blog on a link from another crafty blog. It was so cool to see my friend from HS!! I remember our boys are only a few weeks apart. I LOVE the lego idea. You are so clever. I love seeing your cool stuff!

  7. says

    That is AWESOME!!! Happy birthday Owen!! :)

    (Sorry I havent been reading -or writing- any blogs in ages! I have a LOT of catching up to do!!)

  8. says

    I heart a good party. This is just about AH-mazing. Kind of makes me want to convince one of my boys to have a lego party. Appreciated all of the ingenuity you had in making decorations.

    SO stinking cool!!!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  9. says

    Visiting for the first time tonight…what a fun party. Fantastic job with all the decorations and planning AND the super informative blog post. Your son is going to always remember how special you made his 6th birthday!

  10. says

    WOW!! This post is soooo helpful! I've been researching Lego parties for my son all evening and this is BY FAR the best party I've seen! Thanks for taking so much time and effort to include all the tips/ideas/links.

  11. says

    Thank you so much for all the printables and inspiration! We just had a lego party for my 5 year old son, and your ideas were such a help. Thanks again!

  12. says

    what a fantastic party idea! I think it's what I'll be doing for my little man's 3rd birthday party in June. I pinned it to my Pinterest board so I'll remember where to find you again!

  13. says

    Hiya, just found your blog on my search for Lego party ideas. I always have to reign myself in as I get so many ideas that I have a hard time reducing the list! Your party is fab and is the best I have found on the net! I will be shamelessly pinching a lot of your ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. says

    Your party turned out fabulous! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I have a quick question I'm hoping you can answer about the lego minifig template. Did you actually find 4×11" yellow paper or did you cut regular 9×12" construction paper down? Thanks in advance for the info!!

  15. says

    so many people have already made comments! I hope you are still continuing to read them. Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful ideas and links to others party ideas. I was going to throw a water pool party at the local pool but as soon as I ready your blog I couldn't resist. I think I am using everyone of your ideas (such a copy cat I know). I wish I was loaded cause I think I

  16. says

    You just saved, well not my life, but certainly my sanity!!!! With all the craziness of orchestrating a move, I completely brain farted on ordering the Lego Ville birthday theme my three year old has his heart set on. Oh course, by the time I did remember, everything but the napkins had been clearanced out and was gone. head—>desk The only Lego birthday supplies I could find were Star

  17. says

    THANK YOU for all of the great ideas and resources! My son – turning 5 in 2 weeks! – asked for a Lego birthday party and this has been a great help!

  18. says

    What an awesome job! I LOVE it! I am dead in the middle of a vintage train party fiasco and cannot wait for it to be here and over. I always have, what I call, the “Pre-Party Panic Fest.” My little nickname for the week or two before the party where you are rushing to make sure everything is ready and praying you don’t forget anything/mess anything up when it is too close to redo it. I hope my boys’ joint party turns out as well as yours did! Great job!

  19. Anonymous says

    Superbe! What a great and fun party!! I will share this with my son who would die for legos – we are planning his 8th years old party – lego for sure!!

  20. says

    Thinking about birthday party ideas for little boys is quite hard since you can't really tell what they want. And so, it's a good idea to involve them in planning their own party according to their likes and interests. This will be a perfect mom and son bonding.

  21. says

    I am so happy I found this post! You are saving me! My son who's turning 5 just asked me for a Lego birthday party. I'm sure you know as anyone who has searched the internet for Lego party idea's, there is not much out there! I just downloaded all of your free printables! I cannot thank you enough!!

  22. says

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I love how colorful and fun everything is. I am pretty much going to just copy this entire party for my son's fourth birthday this month. Thanks for doing all the legwork.

  23. Heather says

    We just celebrated our son’s 6th birthday today with a Lego party.
    I can honestly say YOU made it a wonderful party. We had a small group of six kids, but a few busy ones. I used almost all of the game ideas from your post and even the busy bees were content! Thank you for the links to print out lego juice boxes….I even copied your cake…just in red. Thank you so much….you truly helped this busy momma pull of a wonderful party. Xoxoxo

  24. GayLynn says

    This is by far the most helpful blog I have found to help plan my son’s 5th Lego birthday party! Thank you so much for sharing all of the details. I plan to use most of them!

      • Lissa says

        This is so great! It might be because I’m on my phone right now but any links you have for within your own site are being redirected to your homepage rather than the page needed. I’d LOVE to use some of your printables if I could get them to pull up! Any suggestions? Thanks!

        • says

          Usually comments get sent to my inbox but I just went to look for your comment and couldn’t find it. Sorry about that. I just emailed you all the Lego printables I have from this post and from my latest one for my second son to the email in your profile. Enjoy!

  25. says

    Hey Delia, I just can imagine how successful this party will be with the background music from Lego movie. Indeed, Everything is Awesome! I really liked your table set up. That Lego pinata rocks! I’ve added this to my party inspiration. Thanks a lot.

  26. Melanie C. says

    Hi, I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for all the wonderful lego party printables.
    Highly appreciated from this Mama who is tasked with a Lego 6th birthday party.

    Thanks so much again, your creativity is beyond measure!

  27. Mia says

    Well done! I love so many things you did and the games too! I also checked out your younger kids party. Actually, I love the fact you’re honest about your mistakes and what didn’t work out so well. I think your cake looks great and it makes me feel better about my future creation. It can sometimes be very intimidating and makes me want to give up in advance when you only see perfect cakes etc posted on blogs.
    Thanks again


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