Lego Pull Pinata

I am almost ready for the party! Ah! I can’t believe it. Nothing is post ready yet, except for the pinata…

We are having an indoor party because it is the middle of winter. Owen really really wants a pinata though. My solution. A pull pinata. Each child pulls a ribbon, but only one pulls the trap door open releasing all the candy.

On a side note…we are actually supposed to have nice weather this Saturday…doh!…so I feel like I am gypping Owen a little by not getting out the bat and rope; but who would’ve thought that we would be having Spring like weather in January? Not me.

So pull pinata it is. :)

It is pretty basic. I got inspiration from here and here.

And here is how I did it:

My materials list…

diaper box or rectangular box
box cutter
hot glue gun
crepe paper streamers {I used about 1 1/4 rolls}
elmers glue
foam brush
curling gift ribbon

I took the diaper box and drew six can sized holes.

I used tin cans instead of cups {see other inspiration links above}. I recommend plastic cups if you are making it into a bash and smash type pinata. I just like that the cans are more cylindrical rather than cone like, and just the right proportion for what I wanted it to look like.

I cut an X with a box cutter and slid the can through the top until it was peeking through half way. Then I hot glued all the way around.
I experimented and cut a hole for one of the cans instead. This worked fine too…it was just harder to keep in place while I applied glue.

I wrapped some crepe paper streamer around the cans and folded some over the top of the can.

I then printed up the words LEGO with italicized Agency font in Word, cut them into circles and glued them to the can bottoms.

I covered the rest of the pinata with many layers of crepe streamers and watered down Elmers glue. I cut strips of streamer and painted them on almost like paper-mache.

For the parts around the can I used lots of small pieces and it seemed to work well.

For the sides and back, I “primered” the surface of the box with some white printer paper. I don’t know if this would be necessary with dark colored streamers but with yellow, it saved me from having to add a ton of layers.

I made sure to cover everything except for the bottom. Then let it dry.

I then cut out a trap door and secured a piece of ribbon with a double knot.

I added a handle to the top of the pinata with some thick floral wire.

Added candy.

Then came the first layer of crepe paper streamer before I taped more ribbons to the bottom of the pinata.

Lastly, I covered the bottom up with a few more layers of crepe streamer.

Let it dry completely…

And it is done! Phew…I was nervous about making my own pinata. It isn’t perfect but I’m happy with it!

I had to hide it in our bedroom because Owen is so excited to get the candy out of there! Only one more day!

I like that Owen will be able to keep this in his room for a while after the party since this kind of pinata doesn’t get beat up.

Thank you for all your encouraging comments and emails. I will post about the rest of the party next week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. says

    Love the pinata!! I think it’s perfect! In fact, I kinda wish the pinatas we’ve bought in the past for Carlos’ birthdays were the pull kind (since he was younger, it took forever and ever to break the darn pinata… well, the kids would go at it for a looooong time and then finally my husband would go in and end it hehehe). Great work, it turned out very much resembling a giant lego brick :)

  2. says

    Are you kidding me, that is a great idea. We really wanted to do one for Maleah but they can’t hit it hard enough to break it. I am totally go it do on for her next birthday. Have a great Birthday party.

  3. says

    IMPECIBLE TIMING!!! my daughters birthday is at the end of february and im in the middle of planning it, now. shes turning 1 and a pinata is a staple at a kids party, but with kids so young and its indoors cause its gonna be february. well, i was thinking of having a pull string pinata, and i wasnt gonna shell out 50 bucks for one, so i figured id make it. i had some ideas, but nothing concrete and i have NO idea how itd turn out. well, i decided id come check out your blog today and HERES YOUR TUTORIAL! LOOOOOOOVE IT! thanks so much, you just made my planning a lil easier. :)

  4. says

    oh, and idk if you know about these, idk if theyre even still around but when i was in 2nd grade…that was…uhm…15 years ago? there were lego CANDIES. theyre were hard candies and you could build with them and they were OH SO YUMMY!!! just figured, if you have time real quick and can find them, you could get some for your pinata or goodie bags or just for the birthday boy in the following days. :)

  5. says

    fantastic! This step by step helped me out a bunch! My little guy turns five in a few weeks and I definitely want to create a special pinata for him – thank you for the help! Your Lego came out great!

  6. says

    I love this idea! Will you make one for me to buy? ;)

    Thank you for all your posts on throwing a Lego party. I won't have much time to pull something as extravagant together, but with all your printables and ideas, at least I know I can make our oldest son's day special! He LOVES Lego!


  7. Sophie says

    I did this for my Spanish project, but didn’t fill it with candy. I used paper mache, but it was kind of hard to cover the top part (I used an aluminum cupcake tray). But it turned out pretty good! Thanks for the idea :)


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