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Have you guys been enjoying Me Sew Crazy’s K.I.D.S. series?

If you haven’t yet, it stands for:

Cute right!? Basically, the kids become the designers and their mommas sew it up. I can’t gush enough about how genius I think Jessica is for coming up with this series.

Today, Owen designed something red for me to make for him. The funny/cute part is, is that he’s colorblind, so he can’t see red that well. When he was making his drawing, he held up a red marker and a brown marker and had to ask me which one was which.

Oh how I love him, and that I got to learn a little more about him for this series.

Head over to Me Sew Crazy to see Owen’s design!

And have a great weekend!


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    How cute!!

    I am even scared to talk about this to daughter for fear of what she'll come up with …. But I will talk to her anyway. Let's see what we can come up with.

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    You did such a great job, as always. I can tell that he loves his shirt.

    And how crazy that Owen is color-blind! Has he struggled with that in school? I have one friend who is color-blind and actually had to memorize the order of stoplights so he could drive — something I've never thought about. Makes you so grateful for your ability to see colors!

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    Charity: Thank you!
    haha…I know. I was a little nervous but apparently I had nothing to worry about. We had the opposite problem really. I was kind of hoping he would draw something with 11 pockets in a million different colors. ;)

    Lindsay – Thank you! Yes, but he mostly gets by if he can read the color written on the side of the marker or crayon. He

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