Wheat Grass

I have spent the last week or so growing this…

It is super easy and yes, you read that right, it doesn’t even require soil.

You can use soil (read about that here) but I am going to show you how to grow it without it. All the nutrients this grass needs are in those tiny wheat kernels. Hard to believe but true.

I originally posted about it here.

But here is the quick run down for you again. (I updated this post some updates to the instructions and some new pictures as on 1/22/13)

Time: This takes about 1-2 weeks to grow

Gather your materials:

Some wheat kernels {very cheap at the grocery store especially if you buy in bulk}
a sieve or mesh strainer
a mason jar
rubber band
swatch of nylon stockings
small bowl to prop jar in

And for later:
a plastic strawberry lid {or sprouting tray}
an opaque plastic lid or black garbage bag to cover your tray with
a water spray bottle – optional

Okay…let’s get started.

1. Rinse your wheat thoroughly and place into a mason jar. Don’t overfill. You only want it to fill it up about half way. It will expand over the next few days.

Place the piece of nylon and rubber band on top. Prop the jar at an angle in the bowl to let any residual water drain out.

Now place in a cool, DARK place. I used my closet. You want to trick the wheat into thinking it’s underground.

2. Fill the jar up, let the water drain out, and then prop it in it’s bowl in the dark several times a day for about 2-4 days. Just until you notice it really starting to sprout.

3. Prep your strawberry lid/free sprouting tray. Wet a paper towel completely and line the bottom with it. Then spread seeds on top as evenly as possible. Spray seeds with water until pretty wet.

4. Now cover with a dark lid or bowl. Soak the tray with water or spray heavily with a spray bottle of water once a day, making sure to drain any excess water afterward. You don’t want to grow mold! But continue to keep it covered.

5. When the grass has grown about an inch tall move it to a sunny window sill and continue to water it once a day (more if it is drying out quickly). I put on the window sill above the kitchen sink, so that I see it first thing in the morning and remember to water it.

And just watch it grow. Once it gets nice and green and full, continue to water it once a day, but don’t stress if you miss a day. The hard part is already done.

The roots grow together like a rug of wheat grass. You can cut bits off and put them wherever you need to. Even after transplanting it, if you continue to water it and put it in the sun, it will continue to grow!

Here are some projects that use wheat grass and sprouted wheat kernels:

Table Centerpieces
Mr. Recycle Head Man (kid craft)
Sprouted Wheat Bread

Have a beautiful, green day!


  1. says

    that's so pretty!! What a great project to do with kids! Whenever I try to grow something with the munchkins they get pretty frustrated with the 'just waiting'. All the misting would give them something to do a few times a day! I'm going to go buy some wheat today!!


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