Foam Board Ornaments

It’s day three of my Elmer’s projects.
See here for the giveaway and more information.
Today, I’m sharing another idea from the Elmer’s guide – 101 ways to use foam board.
It’s simply to make Christmas tree ornaments from foam board. They don’t really elaborate much in the guide, so I came up with these…
I saw this yarn wrapped monogram from Handmade by Jill and thought it would make a fun ornament too.
Just cut your letter out. I used a letter I printed from a word document as a template. My cuts are so sadly crooked, but the plus to this is that the yarn covers it up!
Using some Elmer’s tacky glue and red yarn was all it took to finish things up.
I had to glue sections of cut yarn on and couldn’t wrap the whole thing, but you get the idea.
The second ornament is using a Family Fun build-able bird template. They use stiff felt but the foam was fun to try as well.
I didn’t get time to make everything I had envisioned, but I think foam board would make great framed picture ornaments as well. Who knew foam board could be so fun to use?
I’m anxious to share my last project and pick a winner tomorrow!
Stay tuned…


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