Rainbow: Fruit Parfaits and Cooking with Kids

Good morning!

One thing I like about summer is that you don’t to rush through breakfast to get off to school. You can take your time and even get your kids involved in making it!

And that’s what we’re doing today…making fresh fruit yogurt parfaits, just perfect for summer, with the help of my boys.

To sincerely get my kids involved I purchased some kid friendly, and kid fun cutting utensils…

The butter knife we had on hand, of course. The crinkle cutter and lettuce knife were new.

I bought fruit from every color in the rainbow. Bountiful Baskets helped out with this. Have you been loving all the berries they’ve had too?

Then rounded up help from my kids to wash the fruit.

We set out cutting boards and I let them loose…well with close supervision. :)

The lettuce knife quickly became the preferred cutting tool. It was sharp enough to cut everything with ease, but not sharp enough to cut fingers. Plus…it looked more like my knives which won more points with my boys.

The crinkle cutter was fun too, but didn’t slice as well as the lettuce knife.

The butter knife…got forgotten. :) Poor butter knife.

They chopped, and chopped… and snacked as they went…

…chopped some more and almost pulverized some of the fruit.

I guided them to cut even pieces but didn’t correct them when they didn’t. It was all going to get smashed into the parfaits anyway.

They had a lot of fun and were ecstatic to be doing a job that I usually do. If only they felt that way about laundry and cleaning the bathroom. :)

Once everything was prepared, we cleaned up…

And were ready to build our parfaits.

We added some pink strawberry yogurt to help round out our rainbow of colors, and topped it off with our favorite sweet granola.

Click here for the recipe.

Then dug in.


Taste the rainbow. :)

Thanks for joining us for breakfast.

Be sure to make a stop at Kojodesigns for another rainbow project!


  1. says

    Yum!! And what a fantastic breakfast to get the kids involved in…makes me miss Summer, it's freezing cold here in Australia.
    Your photos are amazing as always.


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