Chalkboard Blocks and Handmade Winter E-Book Review

My fellow blogger and friend,  Jane, from Buzzmills, asked me to review the Handmade Winter e-book…have you heard of it?

It is so lovely!

Full of stunning photography and 50+ projects from 21 amazing bloggers, it’s a great way to keep yourself creating and busy through winter.


It is really so pretty, it reads like a magazine, but without all the ad fluff.

There are recipes, sewing projects, crafts…really… LOTS of projects.

We decided to do this fun kid craft.

Handmade Winter Review (8 of 8) Our poor little wooden blocks have been neglected lately, in favor of Legos. Somehow, turning them into chalkboard blocks, breathed new life into them and my boys can’t stop playing with them now. Of course, their Lego guys are a part of the action though. ;)

Handmade Winter Review (1 of 8)

Handmade Winter Review (7 of 8) This great little project has turned into a perpetual project that keeps on giving. Gotta love that.

Handmade Winter Review (5 of 8) Handmade Winter Review (6 of 8) Hopefully it will help keep all the little hands in this house busy as we endure a couple more months of cabin fever. :)

  Handmade Winter Review (3 of 8)

If you want to get a peek at more of what Handmade Winter offers, you can visit the site and purchase the book HERE.

Shannon, from luvinthemommyhood and one of the book contributors, has a very informative, well written review HERE as well.  

Handmade Winter Review (2 of 8)

I hope you are enjoying the day! :)


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    Delia thanks so much for taking the time to review Handmade winter! I’ve been thinking about making some of those blocks myself and seeing your kids in action with their “lego guys” ;) I’m thinking that I really must! Thanks again, have a great day!

  2. says

    We just got more plain blocks and my daughter was a little sad they aren’t as colorful as she’d like – this would be a great way to reinvigorate them! Love it!!

  3. says

    This is such a beautiful e book, the photos are stunning!!

    And I love this project! Especially paired with Lego men, how can we resist adding a village for them to storm? (or protect?) Great idea. :)


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