DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Pumpkins, spiders, and bats…oh my!

DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Need some festive party plates, but don’t want those overpriced, cheesy plates from the store? Today’s project has got you covered!

This is a super simple idea, easy project, and adds a bold wow to your Halloween party table for just pennies.

DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Whether you are a throwing a party for the whole neighborhood, or just for your own little trick or treating bunch, these cute little plates are sure to please.

DIY Halloween Paper Plates DIY Halloween Paper Plates DIY Halloween Paper Plates

All you need is some colored card stock, scissors, a pencil, and a hot glue gun.

DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Oh yes…and wash your hands. Since you will be eating off these plates later, it’s a good idea to have a clean work station and clean hands.

Then cut out your shapes of choice, and hot glue them on. You can certainly use another type of glue, but hot glue is super fast and holds great.

TIP: Bend the paper pieces slightly forward over the rim of the plate to help them pop.

DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Isn’t this so adorably easy!?

If you don’t feel like winging the spider legs and bat wings, I have a free template printable HERE.

NOTE: The template printable is hosted through Google docs. You should not need to be signed into Google to access it, but some servers block Google doc downloads. If that is the case, you can email me at and request it as an attachment. Please expect up to 10 days for email delivery.

DIY Halloween Paper Plates

If you are really short on time, the pumpkins are the fastest and easiest to whip up. The bat wings are next in line for ease of assembly, and the spiders of course take a bit more time…But you can’t beat their impact! My boys have already called dibs on the spider plates for Halloween dinner.

If they look familiar…it might because they are almost exactly like my spider candy bowl. You could get a real theme going… ;)

DIY Halloween Paper Plates // Delia Creates

Since the spider legs and bat wings make the plates larger, I used black dessert plates. The scale of the legs and wings should work fine with dinner plates though. For reference, the pumpkin plates are dinner size.

DIY Halloween Paper Plates DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Well…What are you waiting for? Go grab some paper and dress up your for party plates in a costume of their own! ;)

DIY Halloween Paper Plates

Happy Halloween!

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