Five and Ten Designs Rain Coat + Giveaway

When I first posted about the Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Jacket E-book, I promised a rain coat…

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (3)

It’s here!

I actually sewed it up before we moved, but finally snapped some pictures of Natalie wearing it last week, since the rainy fall/winter season has started to settle in here in the Pacific Northwest.

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (6)

I sewed up the basic look from the jacket e-book just with different fabric.

It’s amazing how just by changing fabric, you can alter the look and feel of a pattern.

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (7)

The raincoat fabric is laminate fabric from The Ribbon Retreat. I am sorry to say that they have discontinued carrying fabric though. I also have been hoarding it in my stash for quite some time, so I can’t for the life of me cannot remember who the designer is. I believe it is Riley Blake? You can get a similar print here.

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (5)

The lining is fleece from Jo-Ann. Both fabrics were hard to sew together, but with a little (or a lot of) patience…totally doable.

Erin from My Family Four sewed up a rain coat using a table cloth. Not only is her rain coat fabulously adorable, but she describes sewing with laminate type fabrics perfectly. ;)

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (2)

For the pockets, I sewed up simple rectangular ones that are lined with laminate fabric, so it would be totally waterproof on the outside. They are a little hard to see, because I pattern matched the dots. What, what! A little sewing camouflage for ya. :)

I also decided to use heavy duty snaps from Jo-Ann to make dressing easier. They are pricier than buttons, but I think they make a garment look and feel really professional.

Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (1) Five and Ten Designs Volume Two Rain Coat - Delia Creates (4)

For more rain coat inspiration , two of my fellow Five and Ten Designers are sharing super cute rain coat looks today as well AND we are each giving away a copy of Volume Two!! Check out Jess’s coats at Craftiness Is Not Optional and Stef’s look at Girl.Inspired.

Rain coats Jess and Stef After you click over to see their looks, tell us which one(s) are your faves and then enter in the Rafflecopter below. Three winners will be chosen, one for each of our sites. The rafflecopter is communal though, so an entry in one is an entry in all three.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


SOURCES: Fleece and snaps – JoAnn (see links above) || Laminate fabric from Ribbon Retreat (more info above) || Denim dress  - H&M || Tights – Children’s Place || Boots – Zulily


  1. Julie R. says

    I think I would make look number 4 first. I’m so happy that this collection includes patterns for boys, since I’ve got three of them! Thank you!

    I love Natalie’s rain coat. You did such an amazing job!

  2. Emily says

    I would make a zippered coat for my daughter. I’d use a brushed woven outer and a microfleece or flannel lining.

  3. Liza A. says

    Look Number 8 is just so classic and would look so super on my preschool age daughter, although many of the other “Looks” would certainly be made too!

  4. Kristie says

    I would probably make a basic jacket. My 7 year old never has jackets that reach her bum, let alone her wrists.

  5. Angie O. says

    LOVE this raincoat! I would probably make Look #4 for my son first, but I also have a daughter who would love a raincoat like yours so that would definitely be on the list next. Love the details and options!

  6. Laura D says

    Delia, I can’t see Jess’. It won’t allow it. Says something about a security issue. I loved how you matched the pattern on yours, though. And I adore Stef’s fabric choice. Hrm… I have some Kaufman laminated fabric in my stash…

  7. sarah says

    wow all of these are so amazing. my only question is when will these be made up in an adult size – practical and comfy.

  8. Alyssa P says

    I would probably try look 4. But I must admit, the thought of making a fully lined jacket is a little intimidating…

  9. says

    I’m dying to try a raincoat now after first seeing Erin’s and now all of these – I love that this basic pattern is so versatile! I love your classic black and white choice – looks amazing!

  10. Mo Parrow says

    I love the Natalie’s coat but I really like the fact that they can all be altered to suit the person you are making it for. Thank you.

    • Chelsi Biehl says

      Also, I would make either look number 3 or look number 8! I love the double breasted look on little kids!!!

  11. Hayely P says

    Definitely #4, that is one cool jacket! And I’m so happy this collection is unisex since all I have to sew for our boys!

  12. Adriana Bon says

    This is SO CUTE! I would make number 4 first. One for each one of my nieces and one for my nephew. They all live in rainy places just like I do (I’m also in the Pacific Northwest). You can’t ever have too many rain anything here!

  13. Sara Speight says

    I would make a basic raincoat just like this one. We are heading into a Southern Hemisphere summer so don’t have much need for warmth but we still get rain! Really like the versatility of your black and white raincoat Natalie.

  14. Melanie S. says

    I think I’d start with No. 6 as my little girl needs some new cardigans. But she’d definitely get a new raincoat No. 4 style, too! I think I spotted some adorable dark blue laminated fabric with white polka dots at my local fabric store… ;-)
    You really did a great job on Natalie’s raincoat!

  15. Ashley says

    I LOVE the bold polka dots! So cute! I would definitely make the basic jacket first for my son but with a zipper. He’s finally outgrown nearly all of his store-bought stuff and will be needing a new jacket soon! :)

  16. Jennie says

    It would be hard to decide which look to sew first, because they are all so cute! I would probably pick looks 3 or 5.

  17. Jill says

    I love looks 4 and 6. We just moved from the desert and are getting used to Autumn actually being cold- my kids need lots and lots of new jackets/coats!!

  18. Mikea says

    I would do the basic. So much could be done with it. Love the dots!! PUL also makes great raincoat fabric and has the easiest pul to sew with!

  19. Becca says

    I love the polka dots. Look 1 is by favorite. Such a basic classic. I would love this pattern for my three girlies.

  20. Sarah says

    I’d sew the little sporty jacket with the ribbed collar and cuffs first
    and I love the paris raincoat… I’m a sucker for Paris… what can I say?

  21. says

    I would have to make the raincoat option first since my two little girls don’t have one. CINO’s inspired me because her girls remind me of my own and I can just picture mine wearing them too!

  22. Dagny says

    My daughter desperately needs both a raincoat and a new winter coat. I think I would get my feet wet with the simple jacket pattern first. Though, honestly I want to make them all.

  23. AnnetM says

    I have a coat of mine with a few small holes that I’d love to repurpose into a little girl’s coat. Look 8 would be ideal!

  24. Paige says

    So so cute i share your love of black and white. And where did u get Natalies boots they are sooooo cute. I would wear them myself!!!

  25. Ashley says

    OH my goodness these are all adorable! I would have to go with #2 or #3 first! My daughters Natalie Hailey and Bentley would be the most styling little ones in their classes!

  26. Darlene P. says

    The raincoat you made is lovely!! The pattern package is wonderful having so many choices. It truly covers any outerwear you could want. My favorite ones are 2 and 7. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!!! And compliments to Jess and Stef! Their coats are adorable too!

  27. Christina M says

    I LOVE when you guys collaborate!! I would adore making the patterns from this collection :) And I love those dots!!

  28. Jennifer Hill says

    Soooo cute. Was just thinking my daughter needed a rain coat, much more fun to just make one! Love the polka dots :-)

  29. says

    I love it!! And yes, I noticed the pattern matching on those pockets right away too, bravo!! Thanks for the shout out too. Glad/ sorry to know that sewing with laminate is so similar to table cloth, but the end justifies the means sometimes, right? Whew! :)


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