Easy Photo Lavender Sachets

I like to have my kids make something meaningful for their grandparents at Christmas time every year.

Lavender Sachets (14 of 15) It can be really tricky coming up with something they can all help with that we haven’t done already (go HERE to see what we have done in the past). Luckily, this year I have come up with three new project ideas, which I’m excited to share with you over the next few days!

Today’s project is the easiest to complete for kids and grown ups alike.

Lavender Sachets (11 of 15) title All the kids have to do is pose for a picture. 

Okay, okay. So…that’s not so easy all the time. You can alternatively, use old pictures from the previous year instead, if you like. ;)

Lavender Sachets (10 of 15) Materials:

plain white envelopes

digital picture file


sewing pin

piece of fabric or cloth/towel

dried lavender sprigs/blooms

Lavender Sachets (2 of 15) 1. Print up your pictures on the plain white envelopes. You may have to play around with your settings to get this to work just right.

Lavender Sachets (4 of 15) arrow 2. Place a folded piece of fabric or towel inside the envelope. 

Lavender Sachets (7 of 15) 3. Make pin holes around the border of the picture. The fabric/cloth will help the pin holes only go through the one side.

Lavender Sachets (5 of 15) If your picture happened to print all the way to the edge, get creative and place the pin holes in less crucial parts of the photo. Or, make the pin holes on the back side. 

Lavender Sachets (6 of 15) arrow As you can see, I didn’t quite figure out my printer that well and I ended up with envelopes printed upside down. Does this matter? Not at all! This envelope will be sealed up in just a minute and it won’t matter a bit. So, if you run into the same snag, don’t fret and don’t waste anymore printer ink trying to fix it. :)

Lavender Sachets (3 of 15)

4. Fill your envelope with a couple tablespoons of dried lavender blooms. You don’t want it to be too puffy but you want there to be enough blooms in there to be nice and fragrant.

Lavender Sachets (8 of 15) A note about where to get lavender blooms:

I harvested them from my yard this Fall. Growing your own is the least expensive option. If you don’t have a stash of blooms on hand, you may be able to purchase them locally at say…a whole foods type store. I would call around first or, order online. I found this listingon Amazon (affiliate links).

Lavender Sachets (9 of 15)

5. Seal it up and you’re all set!

Lavender Sachets (12 of 15)

You have a cute, memorable, and useful gift!

These sachets can be used to  line clothing drawers. The lavender helps keep moths at bay and clothing smelling wonderful.

And…this comes together in almost no time at all. Whip up one or a whole stack at a moments notice, for any grandparent occasion. Maybe enlist your kids to help fill and lick the envelopes to get them involved even more.

Alternative versions:

Instead of a photo, you can use scrapbooking paper for the envelopes like I did in this post HERE.

You may also have your child draw a picture on the envelope and have them add pin pricks at the end. There are A LOT of possibilities! :)

Lavender Sachets (15 of 15)

Merry gift making! :)

P.S. If you have a minute, please spread the word about A Lemon Squeezy Home’s baby who is undergoing open heart surgery today. You can tag your photos or posts with #loveforruby and/or visit the Love For Ruby Facebook page to see how you can donate to the family. Christie is such well respected and well loved part of the blogging community. Please spread the love and send her your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

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