Lego Letter Pajama Pants + Spoonflower Design Swap

So, waaaaay back in May of last year, Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! paired up some bloggers and challenged us to design fabric for each other.


Spoonflower Jammies (14 of 16) I was assigned the lovely, Susan from Crafterhours. We hit it off great and immediately began our procrastination party. :)

We both took about forever to design our fabric, then forever, plus a day to order it…and now we are finally blogging about it. It was a match made in blogheaven. ;)

(It may have had to do something with the fact that we had 3 moves and a baby going on during that time…her baby, not mine…obviously :)).

edit Susan knew that my boys love, nay are obsessed with, Legos. So, she mimicked the Lego font  and created a cool monogram design for each child. See the listings HERE and HERE

I got the fabric right around Christmas, so I knew that I wanted to make it into pajamas for the boys. I made simple, 2 piece pajama pants and sewed them pretty much the same way as THIS tutorial. Then I added store bought plain tees. It was such a PERFECT, quick, easy project to do during Christmas prep frenzy, and my boys LOVE them! 

Spoonflower Jammies (8 of 16) Little monkeys. :)

Spoonflower Jammies (6 of 16) I used the Spoonflower Kona cotton. It is really soft and nice, but I must warn you that it is slightly thinner than Kona you can buy off the bolt. My boys are already starting to wear holes in the knees. Seriously? Must I sew knees patches on pajamas pants too? 

Spoonflower Jammies (9 of 16) Boys, boys, boys. tsk. tsk. ;)

Okay. Wanna see what I designed for Susan? Head on over and check it out! :)

Spoonflower Jammies (3 of 16) P.S. ^^ They tried switching places. Hilarious. 


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    My son would love to have pajama pants like this! If I saw fabric with his name on it at the store, I would definitely have to buy it, just like all the personalized souvenir items you see when traveling on vacation. You can’t resist it when you actually find your name!


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