Oliver+S Hide and Seek Dress Review

Have you seen the new Oliver+S Spring line?  It’s adorable!

O+S Dress (1 of 35)

There are two new dress patterns but also a fun new uni-sex baby layette pattern.

I was beyond stoked when Liesl (owner and designer of O+S) asked me to join the tour. When she asked me what pattern I wanted to review, I immediately chose the Hide and Seek Dress. I instantly fell in love with it’s modern feel.

O+S Dress (21 of 35)

I decided to sew it up in some lightweight black slub linen from Jo-Ann, some red cotton, and a red striped fabric for the front yoke (both red fabrics are from my stash, sources unknown).

I was going for a mod nautical look….

O+S Dress (4 of 35)

I even took Nat’s new Salt Water sandals with me to take pictures with, but it was just too cold. We are already warming up here, but it’s not quite sandal weather yet. So… we zipped on her boots and I took her to the trees for a mod red riding hood look instead. ;)

O+S Dress (13 of 35)

I sewed the dress up in the 12-18 month size which is probably a little big for her (yes, she is a petite little thing!), but I wanted her to grow into it. The cut of the dress is also intended to run a bit roomy and loose.

O+S Dress (14 of 35)

Because I made it a size up, I sewed the hem wide, so that I can unpick it and let it down more as she grows taller.

O+S Dress (20 of 35) My favorite part about this pattern is all the pieces.

There are side panels, a front and back yoke, and front and back skirt panels which open up so many design possibilities for pattern mixing, color blocking, and adding fringe, trim and piping. It’s like a pattern mixing play land! :)


I kind of can’t wait to give another go at this pattern to see how I can make it even more exciting and interesting.

…Maybe make it all one color with one side panel in a contrasting color? How about color blocking the middle skirt and yoke in contrast to the side panels? Maybe add trim to the top side panels? There so many fun possibilities! 

O+S Dress (5 of 35) This dress can be a great stash buster as well. The yoke pieces are small enough. You can spice up the sleeve hems and pockets with small swatches too. Too. Much. Fun!! …haha…okay…enough of my sewing geek out session. Back to the details…

For the back, I used some vintage red and white buttons my mom gifted me from her stash. I am guessing they are from the eighties?


Oh, and I have to mention the welt pockets! They add a really nice touch to the overall look and functionality of the dress.

O+S Dress (2 of 35)

And the way Liesl instructs you to sew them, is so nice and professional. The pockets are optional, but I think they make a great design detail. I couldn’t resist including them.


Natalie loves them too. :) For her bribe treat, I stashed fruit snacks inside them. Once she figured that out, she really went digging. hahaha.

O+S Dress (25 of 35)

Overall, I love the dress. It was a satisfying sew. Not quick per se, but not too difficult either, and very rewarding. O+S has a reputation for excellent children’s patterns and after sewing one I can easily see why. Liesl has you doing everything the proper way…no cutting corners!…and you end up with something admirable and durable.

She is a great teacher too. Even if you already know how to sew, you may learn something from her patterns, and if you’re new to sewing, an O+S pattern is a great place to start.


Before I had the pleasure of sewing up an O+S pattern, my bud Kristin told me that it is like putting together puzzle pieces…and was she right! The pattern is very precise and enjoyable to sew.

I do have to add though, that this specific dress is not lined, so there is a lot of time spent finishing seams. Don’t skip that part!

O+S Dress (15 of 35)

If you want to see more from the new spring line, check out what Skirt As Top has whipped up HERE and the adorable baby layette You & Mie made HERE.

You can of course also go to the O+S website HERE!

Disclaimer: This pattern was gifted to me, but my opinions are sincere. I tell ya like it is.


  1. says

    Oh my goodness between yours and Gail’s earlier today…you have both sold me on this pattern!!! Love your version and those pops of red! Fantastic!

  2. says

    i love your version! so many possibilities with fabrics and colors, like you said, and i love how you put them together. the contrast pockets are really cool, too. such a great pattern!

    • says

      Thank you Gail. I love YOUR version. :) And yes…this pattern is so much fun. It has me excited to take a crack at it again…and soon! And now that you have shared your chambray source with me…I am doubly excited. Thank you for that!

  3. sorahart says

    What a fun result! I think your fabric choices look great. O + S patterns do cost a lot more than your usual PDF but you come away with such a professionally constructed garment that in the end I think it’s worth it. This is why I love to sew–you just can’t find garments that look like your darling dress in the store!

    • says

      Thank you! You are so right. They are totally worth the money. And being able to make something beautifully unique is what I love most about sewing for my kids.

  4. says

    Do you mind sharing approximately how big Natalie is or what size she wears in ready to wear clothing? I’m trying to decide what size to make in this dress :) Thanks!

    • says

      Sure! She wears 18 months in rtw clothes. I meant to make this dress a little larger but thought I had made this *much* too large when I was done. Liesl assured me that this is how it is supposed to fit though. I think it depends on your preference. If you like a less relaxed fit, then I would size down the bodice.

  5. says

    I accidentally posted the last comment before I was done! I love your version of this dress, especially the bright red back panel! And the idea to do one contrasting side panel is great … the possibilities for this dress are endless.

  6. says

    You have been making some pretty incredible things lately and this is no exception!
    Such an adorable dress! Looks absolutley darling on your little sweetheart.

  7. says

    oh delia i love it! i haven’t sewn this one yet but was considering stripes on the yoke as a possibility – and now i know it looks great!! same with the one-color panel continued down the skirt. you rock! it’s so cute! and i love it when you sew Oliver + S, your style meshes so well with theirs i think. :)

  8. says

    That is adorable! I love the red panel in the back and the matching top-stitching. And that Natalie…. aren’t little ones and pockets too fun together? She is gorgeous! =)

  9. Kate says

    Oh man that is GORGEOUS.
    I wasn’t at all sure about the pattern when I first saw on release but your version has sold me on it.

  10. Anne says

    Love the fabric combination that you used for this pattern. Would you be willing to share how much yardage of the linen you used? Thanks.


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