Penelope Peplum Dress Review

The always lovely Kate from See Kate Sew has come out with a new women’s pattern called the Penelope Peplum Penelope Peplum Dress Review

Maybe you’ve already heard of it? It’s sort of taking sewing blogland by storm because well…it’s so pretty!

And super comfy.

Penelope Peplum Dress Review And flattering. 

I love it!

Penelope Peplum Dress Review So…you might be wondering by now: Peplum? Looks like a dress. And you’re right! Kate just released an extension pattern that includes a gathered dress option, a circle skirt dress option, and a circle skirt peplum option

I chose the gathered dress option.

Penelope Peplum Dress Review The original peplum pattern also has more options to add to the option party as well. Option, option, I’m saying option a lot. haaa.

There are three different sleeve types and an optional bow. So, you can really shake things up and make a lot of different variations.

My favorite sleeve length for almost any season is the half sleeve. I think it is such a flattering cut on almost everyone and it goes great with this dress.

Penelope Peplum Dress Review I used this super amazing, lovely Black Cream Diamond Ponte de Roma knit from Girl Charlee (sponsor). I think using Ponte de Roma has spoiled me. I don’t know if I can use another type of knit again. Okay, I can, but I will always be pining for more Ponte. I love it so.

It is a thicker knit, with great recovery, and it’s nice and smooth. It doesn’t curl when you cut it and it sews and wears GREAT. It is really worth the extra couple bucks.  You can find it in the specialty knits section HERE

Penelope Peplum Dress Review

I sewed up a size XS and it fits like a glove. Now…I wouldn’t normally buy an XS T-shirt or dress at the store, and this is where the magic of sewing comes in. When we go to the store, we don’t know what sizing chart each designer and manufacturer is using. I’m a size small in some brands and a size medium in others. And some brands…just fit me odd in all sizes, which is fine because all bodies are different, but it can make shopping frustrating.

The great thing about sewing is that you use your measurements to find your size, not the other way around. You can then even tweak the pattern if you’re in between sizes, to make it work for you. Just remember to check the measurements chart! Don’t sew from your typical department store size or might end up with a very different result. Trust the pattern designer.

Penelope Peplum Dress Review

Hmmm…what else?

Oh yes, this pattern doesn’t require a serger! I only used it on the waist and I didn’t really need to. I used a stretch stitch on everything except for the neckline and the skirt hem.

The reason I didn’t use one for the neckline is because I actually started to and it started to distort the fabric. I probably could have pulled out my walking foot, but I just switched to a lengthened straight stitch. Worked like a charm, and I haven’t been busting threads pulling it over my head, like I was worried I would.

Penelope Peplum (1 of 30)

Speaking of necklines, I totally didn’t finish the facing raw edge like the pattern told me to. But with Ponte…it just didn’t seem necessary. I did however tack down the facing, like Kate recommends. That was important. Otherwise, I had to keep fighting with it to make sure it stayed on the inside of the dress.

Penelope Peplum (2 of 30)

As for the skirt, the only thing I changed was that I added some elastic to it as I sewed it to the bodice. This is because the Ponte de Roma is a little heavier than most knits, so I felt it needed some help.

I took 1/2 inch knit elastic and I cut it almost exactly the width of the bodice. I overlapped it  (so it would end up slightly smaller than the bodice width) as I laid it on top of the bodice side of the seam. I serged everything place, stretching the elastic a little bit as I went, and then sewed with a zig zag stitch all the way around after that, to strengthen the seam. 

Penelope Peplum Dress Review

My husband is such a trooper. My camera remote’s batteries started to peter out, so he stepped in to take these shots for me after work…while I shivered like crazy! ha! Don’t let how I styled this dress fool you. It is below freezing in this picture. :) The things I’ll do to get the picture I want with decent light! And the light was only so so, because we had to work fast before the sun went down.

Boy…I usually enjoy Winter, but lately I have been dreaming about Summer… When I have five more hours of sunlight everyday, and I can pair this dress with my gold gladiator sandals and frolick in the warmth…okay, maybe not frolicking … ;)

Penelope Peplum Dress Review An upside, is I can wear blazers to my hearts content right now. I bought my first blazer last month when I turned 30. I thought it was about time I let my wardrobe grow up. And now…I have three. I can see a blazer addiction forming…. :)

Check out the Penelope Peplum Pattern by See Kate Sew Patterns HERE.

She also has a little girl version called the Pippa Peplem (seriously so cute!) HERE.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Penelope Peplum pattern tour and I received this pattern for free. My opinions are honest and my own. Oh, and the blazer is from H&M. :D


  1. says

    This is the first version that I think I would actually like to wear, the waist on others doesn’t look like it would fit me right. VERY cute! I’ve gotta check out that knit!

  2. Laurie P. says

    This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I sew a lot, but haven’t made anything for myself for a long time….I think I just got the inspiration. I have never used knit elastic before, thanks for the tips and great pictures. I wouldn’t thought of using Aztec for such a classic dress but it really works. Now to get some ponte and get busy.

  3. says

    Oh heaven. You look lovely in it! Now, I’ve sewn a lot of home furnishings and quilts but never clothing… this has really tempted me to start but I’m guessing it’s not for a beginner? I wonder what I should start with if I want to end up sewing something as gorgeous as this?

    • says

      Thank you! This is actually a great pattern to start with…if you already know how to sew, which it sounds like you do. Make sure to get a ball point needle, and a nice thick knit (thinner knits take more skill and patience) and you should do well! :)

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing this cute pattern! I’m in love with the fabric you chose amd will be heading over to buy some of my own after I post this comment. ;)

    I just discovered your blog and I have to say I love your writing style! This will definitely be on my blog reading list from now on. Keep up the great work! :D

  5. says

    OH my…seriously, I don’t even want to blog mine after seeing yours! So awesome! I want that one!!!! You are so stunningly gorgeous girl! I’m dying over these shots of you! So pretty!

  6. says

    I love this! It looks really pretty on you, and I’m really impressed with how well it fits. The Ponte de Roma selection has really increased at Girl Charlee since last I checked…. I definitely want to try some of it!

  7. says

    I haven’t like a dress as much as this one for a long time…and haven’t made any either for that reason…looks like it’s now time…thank you for introducing such a lovely dress…definitely on my “to do” list…(also looks like one my daughter would like as well…)

  8. says

    Oh dag-gone it Delia! I was trying to ignore this pattern, even though it is super adorable, b/c I really need to sew through the patterns I’ve been buying but putting aside since the Christmas crunch. But after I glanced through these pictures I remembered that I have a really similar ponte de roma from GC, in the black tribal!! Does it bother you that we all don’t want to make a dress like yours, but we want your exact dress?! :)

    I’ve never sewn for myself before… and I know I’m supposed to be gearing up for KCW, but…

  9. says

    I love your dress! I purchased this pattern before Christmas when Kate was having a sale, but haven’t had a chance to try it. I didn’t realize she released an extension pack! After seeing your dress I will definitely be purchasing it!

  10. Amy Anderson says

    I have been following you for quite sometime now, I just never post comments…I’m one of THOSE people. Ha ha. Do you remember me from Kids Club? First, I just love your blog… So creative & inspirational! Second, since I am NOT a seamstress at all, can I pay you $$ to make a dress like this for ME?? Since we do live in the same valley, after all. ;) I just love the fit (and of course, the modesty) of this dress! And you rock it!

    • says

      Thanks Amy! Yes, I do remember you. I wish I could sew it for you but I moved out of the valley. :( Thanks for your sweet comment though. Do you know someone who sews, who would sew it for you?

  11. says

    This is amazing. I have the penny peplum for my daughter and didn’t think that I would get much use out of the adult top since I think I’m to ‘hippy’ for peplums but this dress version has me dying for it.

    • says

      Thanks! I hear ya on that. I am pear shaped and the peplum length has to hit just right on me or it looks weird. The dress version is definitely my favorite easy solution for that. ;)

  12. says

    Delia you are gorgeous! A peplum top doesn’t really flatter my body type (especially not now, HA) but this dress version is gorgeous and I want to steal it from your closet! Great print and I love ponte knit too; you described it perfectly. But really. You’re so pretty.

  13. Irene Erickson says

    Beautiful!!! I have been sewing children’s clothing and have been thinking of a project for me. This looks like my inspiration! I purchased the patterns already but I was wondering if you took some of the fullness out of the skirt. It doesn’t seem as full as the photos for the pattern.

  14. says

    What a great version of this pattern! I’m not sure how flattering the peplum will be on me since I’m pear shaped but the dress is lovely. Excellent pattern placement by the way – it makes the already flattering dress look so ‘designer’!

  15. says

    Delia this is just gorgeous! I’m brand new to sewing clothing (I’ve learned from sewing blogs!) and just love your site. I gotta say, you planned out the cutting of your bodice like a BOSS. I thought at first glance that you had cut out separate pieces for the shoulders, then the bust area, and then the area under the bust, but now I see that the print just changes direction and you placed it all just perfectly. It really adds to the super flattering silhouette. Just wowza. I wasn’t even going to consider trying this pattern just because my body shape looks awful in peplum tops but this dress is making me reconsider. :)

  16. Nargis says

    I’m from Russia. Looking for insperation for sewing. Your blog-is cool and I finally start create clothes for myself,not only for my lovely son and baby-girl.
    This dress-is sooo cute,and I hope I can sew it without pattern;-)
    Tell me,please, what fabric can I buy for this dress?
    Sorry for my English-i haven’t practice years…

  17. says

    Que lindo!! Ojala yo cosiera así de bien.. (y bueno ojala a mi me quedara tan bien como a ti este vestido claro.. ) Me encanta como queda con la blazer!


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