Sloane Hat – crochet pattern release!

Today’s the day!

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (77 of 125)

The Sloane Hat crochet pattern is now available!

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (86 of 125)
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It comes in sizes baby to adult large, and it’s perfect for a boy or a girl.

edit4 Which is why I named it the Sloane Hat…since Sloane works for a girl or a boy. I also wanted to name all of our children Sloane…but got vetoed. So, I’m settling for giving the name to one of my patterns. ;)

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (98 of 125) The Sloane Hat is a pattern for beginners.

There are a couple of fairly tricky stitches, but I provide full color, step by step photos on how to complete each one. Some of my testers were beginners, and they said they learned a lot and that it was totally doable.

edit-003 Plus it’s only $5!

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So you’ll have more budget to spend on yummy yarns. :)

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (54 of 125)

Depending on your skill level, one hat takes 1-2 afternoons. There are a lot of repeating rows. So, once you get the hang of it, it’s a great project to keep your hands busy while you watch a movie.

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (66 of 125)

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (69 of 125) Materials needed:

US I/9 -5.5 MM hook

US J/10 -6 MM hook

Medium, worsted weight yarn (#4)

Yarn or tapestry needle


Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (54 of 125)

edit-001 Sizing Chart:

Hat Size

Approximate Head Circumference

Approximate Age

Infant 16.5-17 inches 6-12 months
Baby 18 inches 12- 18 months
Toddler 19 inches 18 months – 3 years
Child 20.5 inches 3 -10 years
Youth/Adult Small 21.5 inches 10 years+
Adult Medium 22.5 inches In general, most adult women wear this size.
Adult Large 23.5-24 inches Most adult men wear this size.

*As with any pattern. To achieve best fit, use measurements and not age guidelines. Age guidelines are only provided for those that want to gift or sell their finished hats. 

**There are more notes on sizing, fit and how to grade up a size, in the pattern.

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (99 of 125)

You can also choose your slouch. The adult sizes come super slouchy (as pictured) with easy instructions for a less slouchy version.

Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (120 of 125)


Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (95 of 125)

Wear it hanging low in the back, or pull it forward. It all goes with this hat.


Slouchy Striped beanie pattern  (116 of 125)

I want to give a big thank you to all my testers who really made this pattern so much better. I also want to say thanks all those who responded to my tester call and were willing to help. You all rock!


Want a little more slouch in your life? (click below ;))

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And…Have a beautiful day!


  1. Ute says

    I love the pattern! I fell in love with crochet lately and your series and Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest have inspired me a lot! I am glad you included step by step photos, a hat seems a bit more difficult than a cowl ;-). Off to buy it!

  2. Ute says

    Just wanted to let you know that I checked out the pattern and I can already tell, that I will be able to make it without problems! The instructions are wonderful!!! Thank you!

  3. Lynn McMahon says

    Love it! I’m printing out my copy now and I can’t wait to get started! Seriously, this is JUST the pattern I’ve been waiting for-thanks for all the hard work!

      • Lynn says

        I’m on my third Sloane hat and I just love it! The pattern is easy to follow and has a nice rhythm to it. (The second and third ones I started out with FSC and it worked beautifully-no need for worrying about crocheting that foundation row loose enough). Thanks again for the pattern.

  4. Ashley says

    I made this last night and it’s such a fun pattern. I am a beginner beginner and I had no problem figuring it out. And holy cuteness!

  5. Karen says

    Delia, this is so awesome. I’m going to makemine using some banana silk I’ve had waiting for the perfect purpose!

  6. Kristen says

    I’ve been looking out for a great slouchy hat pattern on ravelry forever and not had any luck… this one is PERFECT! So excited to get started on it :)

  7. says

    Oh Delia! You’re making me want to get my crochet hooks back out again, lol! It’s such a great hat and your photos (and you!) are gorgeous!

  8. Sloane Margarite says

    This excites me cuz it’s my name and it’s spelled with an E on the end and it’s cute!!

  9. jaime says

    Hi! I’m new to crocheting. Where did you buy this yarn from and where is the best place to buy supplies? Thank you for your help!

    • says

      Hi Jaime!

      You can find decent yarn almost anywhere. If you want the really high quality stuff, I would check out a yarn shop. I actually got this Caron Simply Soft yarn from Walmart. For hooks I usually buy Boyd metal hooks from Jo-Ann. There are wooden ones and plastic ones too. I prefer the metal ones, but try different ones and decide which ones you like best. I hope that helps! Have fun!

  10. Amy says

    Hey, I just purchased this pattern but it won’t download. When I used the link from the confirmation email, it said it had expired. Please help. I love this hat!

  11. says

    I just bought this pattern and I’m planning to make hats for myself, my husband and our son. I love the unisex design and your pattern seems easy to follow! Off to buy more yarn!

    • says

      Hi! I am so sorry if there was misunderstanding. This pattern is for sale. It’s $5 and can be purchased by clicking on the add to cart button in the post. I hope that helps! :)

  12. pat smith says

    I have been trying all day to order this. For some reason my PayPal won’t load the page for sending money. Help!

  13. says

    I’m trying to get the right gauge. I’ve already went as far down as a G hook crocheting tighter than normal, and the 4sc & 5 row is coming up at 1.25″ square
    Using Loops & Thread in a 4 (medium weight)

    • says

      Hi Fiona,

      Sorry about the gauge trouble! Okay, so yarn brands, even if they list the same weight, can vary. Crocheting technique also varies a lot, and I may just crochet much tighter than you (sorry about that!). I would either go down another hook size (if the yarn doesn’t slip off too much) or I would try to train myself to crochet tighter. If that doesn’t work, and you don’t mind switching yarns, you may try a thinner/lighter yarn in the same “weight” category. If you go squeeze a few skeins in the yarn section you’ll know what I mean. That sounds crazy….ha, but it’s true. I can’t remember for sure, but I think Loops and Threads medium weight might be on the thicker side. I hope that helps at all. Please feel free to email me: if you have any more questions. <3


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