Giant Coloring Sheet Printables – FREE!

With summer just around the corner and school being |this| close to getting out. I thought it would be fun to make huge coloring sheets for the kids! (and for me too!)

Giant-Coloring-Sheets---Free-Printables---Delia-Creates They are great for taking over the breakfast table so you color it in spurts all day long.

Giant Coloring Pages (16 of 28) Giant Coloring Pages (5 of 28)

Or hang it on the wall and color it all summer as a family.

They are perfect for coloring outside with friends as well.

edit2-001 Giant Coloring Pages (24 of 28)

Yep, very community coloring friendly. :)

You can print them as large or as small as you like.

Giant Coloring Pages (4 of 28) I created three versatile designs in three different sizes each.

There are two engineer print sizes, 24×36 inches and 18×24 inches. They also come in U.S. standard printer paper size (8.5×11 inches).

Giant Coloring Pages (25 of 28) If you are unfamiliar with engineer prints, you can read more about them HERE at the Staples website, where I printed mine up. They are inexpensive black and white paper prints at just $1.79 for the smallest size and $3 for the 3 foot size.

Giant Coloring Pages (13 of 28)

The flower coloring sheet is kind of an abstract mandala art I toyed around with in Illustrator.

Giant Coloring Pages (27 of 28)

The streets are bare bones, basic, so that your little ones can customize it to their hearts delight. Hot wheel cars do fit the 18×24 in. size paper but just barely (as shown). The ideal size, if your kids want to drive their cars on it, is the largest 24×36 inch size print.

Giant Coloring Pages (18 of 28) Giant Coloring Pages (21 of 28) The geometric lines are my favorite. It reminds me of art I used to create on long car rides when I was a kid. I would draw lines like these on blank paper, and then color in the empty spaces to create a new design.

edit2 See what new shapes you can create by selectively coloring in spaces. Or let your kids go wild and make it a bright cheerful rainbow of abstract art.

I made these for my kids, but I also designed them to be any age friendly. So if you are young or young at heart,  feel free to print one up and get coloring!


Mandala Flowers:
Geometric Lines:

TERMS OF USE: Each printable is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not copy, redistribute, or claim these designs as your own. You are not permitted to use any download links on your own site or social media pages. If you feature or mention these printables please link to this post. Thank you! :)

TROUBLE SHOOTING: Free printables are made available through Google Drive. You should not need to sign in, but if you cannot access the files through the above links, make sure you are logged into your Google account and try again. Some private servers may not allow you to access it. Try it from another computer that uses a different server (school and church servers most often block downloads).  If you still have trouble accessing the files, email me at indicating which coloring sheets and sizes you would like. Please note that email delivery of printables may take up to one week.

Giant Coloring Sheet




  1. Kristie says

    Thank you for taking time to do this! The big ones will be perfect for our big summer camping trip. I can leave it out and let whoever stop by and add to it.

  2. Mikea says

    These are soooo awesome! My son will love the streets for his hot wheels. And my daughter loves to return to a coloring page so the geometric is perfect. Do you think you have time to make a basic ABC one? Lower case and upper together? It’s soooo hard to find a decent one even to buy. It would be fun to color the page but already colored is fun too! I love your color selections!
    Thanks again for these pages! Im going to print them up this weekend!

    • says

      Thanks Mikea. I didn’t think about making an alphabet one. I may in the future? I’ll keep it in mind for the Fall, but no promises. ;) I didn’t know good basic alphabet coloring sheets were hard to come by. I will definitely consider it. Thanks!

      • Mikea says

        Sweet! I appreciate you even concidering it!! ABC sheets you can find easy but a large sheet with all the alphebet are hard to find. Basic ones at least. Usually when i find one theres something off about it. Haha

  3. Kristie says

    I just told my friend we need to get a big one of the geometric lines made for her daughters graduation. With so much family around, it would be fun to have some way for the kids to color, and the adults to write sweet messages. And then she can use it for a bulletin board background at college.

  4. Ruth K says

    These area so cool! I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for the kids at our family reunion this.summer. Thank you for making and sharing these.

  5. jweed says

    These were a hit with my kids on our road trip last weekend. Thank you for the beautiful designs. Can’t wait to use them in the bigger size as well!

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