Leather Christmas Ornament

I had some leftover scraps from the belts I made last week, so I made a leather Christmas ornament out of them!

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesIt’s like those Scandinavian paper bulbs, only in leather.

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesIt’s clean, minimal, and simple…which I love. It doesn’t compete with the other ornaments for attention. Instead, it complements and blends well with the very cherished, multicolored, paint smudged kid ornaments that adorn our tree as well.

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesAnd…yay for being kid proof! :)

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesOne leather ornament┬átakes just a few minutes to make.┬áHere’s how:


3- Small strips of vegetable tan leather strips (I used 5/8″ wide)
2 – strips of thinner leather or grosgrain/jacquard ribbon
2 – Chicago screws
Leather punch tool
Craft scissors
8-10″ of string/twine

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesInstructions:

1. Decide how tall you want your ornament to be. Cut one strip of vegetable tan leather to that length.
2. Take the length of your first piece and add 3.5 inches. Cut two more strips of vegetable tan leather to that length.
3. Take the length of the first piece again, but this time, add two inches. Cut out two identical strips of thinner, upholstery leather or vinyl to this new length, and as wide as the vegetable tan leather strips. You can use ribbon if you don’t have leather scraps on hand. Grosgrain and jacquard ribbons hold up best.
4. Punch holes at each end of each of the five strips. Make sure the holes are large enough to accommodate a Chicago screw.

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia Creates5. Stack the strips together, with the longest strips on the outside, the shorter, contrasting strips next, and the shortest strip in the middle.
6. Screw one side of the strips together with a Chicago screw.
7. Line the holes up on the other side, and screw them together.

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesThe longer strips will naturally curve out, creating an onion shape…which is why this type of ornament is called an onion bulb.

Tie on a piece of string or twine.

And it’s ready to hang out on the tree!

Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia Creates Leather Christmas Ornament // Delia CreatesIf you didn’t catch my leather belt tutorial last week, check it out HERE. Tandy Leather is giving away a leather punch tool, leather strips, Chicago screws…almost everything you need to make this ornament AND a belt, plus more!


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      Thanks Stacey! I know…our tree has almost completely been taken over by break resistant ornaments and I am actually liking it! I have surrendered. ;)

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