Grandparent Gift: Kid Art Etched Wooden Spoons

Wooden etchings (25 of 30) Did you see the AMAZING etched wooden gifts Amy Christie from This Heart of Mine shared on Design Mom? I was so inspired! Amy has such a truly creative brain!

Wooden etchings (21 of 30) I actually had an etcher sitting unused among my craft supplies for years, not knowing it’s super fun potential until Amy shared her projects!  I decided to dust it off and try my hand at decorating some spoons and some wooden rolling pins to give as gifts.

Wooden etchings (8 of 30) It was a little harder than I expected but totally a blast to do. 

Wooden etchings (29 of 30) Wooden etchings (24 of 30) Then, I decided that this would be a great gift for kids to help make!

Wooden etchings (9 of 30)

I bought a bunch of wooden spoons (they are about $1 for a pack of four at WalMart) and let them go to town decorating them with pencil.

Wooden etchings (1 of 30)

Even my one year old was able to get in on the action.

Wooden etchings (4 of 30)

Wooden etchings (5 of 30) Following the lines they provided, I simply etched over them. I then erased away any stray marks with a gum eraser.

Wooden etchings (11 of 30)

Oh, and I added their name and the year on the side.

Wooden etchings (14 of 30)

Simple as that!

Wooden etchings (20 of 30) Wooden etchings (17 of 30) A bit of warning. I highly recommend not letting your child use the etcher until they are tween/teen age. The etcher gets scary hot. I would say much hotter than a hot glue gun.

Wooden etchings (19 of 30) It’s amazing how a little bit of etching makes these boring spoons into pieces of useful and memorable art.

Wooden etchings (15 of 30) And it’s such an affordable gift. The most expensive part is the etcher, but even that is only about $15 (I got mine at Michael’s a few years ago but I believe the price is still about the same); and you can use it again and again.

I had a little bit too much fun playing around with it.  Wooden etchings (26 of 30) Wooden etchings (23 of 30) Wooden etchings (7 of 30)

I honestly, can’t wait for another occasion to make more!  :)


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    WOW!!!! What amazing work! I love the spoons you did, I love how you involved your children and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rolling pins! Seriously! Wow! Thank you for the mention. This post is gorgeous!

  2. says

    I just got an etching tool too!!
    I started with bamboo spoons, but it was too bumpy. I am thinking wooden unfinished would be bettter!
    Did you seal them with anything?

    • says

      I didn’t, but I never seal my cooking spoons. I agree that the bamboo is harder to etch. I found that holding down my etching tool a little bit longer helped. That limited my design options a little bit though.


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