Toddler Coloring Dice

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My little Natalie has been learning her colors and learning to really into coloring as of late, so I whipped up these coloring dice as a fun way to reinforce what she’s learning.   It’s such a simple idea, but she loves using them. It just puts a fun spin on learning colors and almost makes it feel like a game. The idea is to roll the

Snowflake Tortillas

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Need a winter boredom buster project? How about an easy snack idea? These snowflake tortillas are are both! They are super simple to make. Like so so so simple it hurts, and they are fun to make, for any age. They also give a whole new meaning to eating snow. ;) You simply fold a tortilla and, using clean kitchen shears,cut it up like you would a

Honey Stick Valentines – Free Printable

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Honey sticks are a favorite treat around here! So much so, that my ten year old decided he wanted to give them out for Valentine’s Day this year. What a cool kid, huh!? So, I whipped up some valentines for him and thought I would share them with you too! Simply grab the free printable HERE. Please note that it is hosted by google docs.

Five Easy Halloween Games For Kids

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The kids and I came up with some fun Halloween games this last week. They are inexpensive, super easy to put together, and lots of fun! They are great for a Halloween party or for a quick, impromptu get together with the neighborhood kids. Let’s play shall we? The first game is called… PUMPKIN PATCH STOMP Out of all five games, this one does take some

DIY Cute Easy Toddler Safe Necklaces

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My Natalie is 2 and starting to love all things girly girl. Necklaces are at the top of her list of favorite accessories. She is always asking to wear one, so I thought we would DIY one together! Instead of installing a clasp or just knotting the necklace, I came up with another way for the necklace to stay on, but pull apart easily enough