Citrus Sugar Scrubs – Recipes and Free Printable!

Citrus Sugar Scrubs  via  Delia Creates (16)

One of my favorite things to DIY are sugar scrubs, because they are a cinch to put together (even kids can do it!), they make great gifts, and you end up smelling like a spa when you’re done. (deep breath) aaaahhhhh. :) BASIC RECIPE Sugar scrub recipes are as flexible as flexible can be. If you’re like me, I prefer to have a baseline a

Clothespin Animal Puppets – Free Printable!

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To distract my three year old during a boring in between moment, I grabbed some clothes pins and made them talk to each other. She thought it was a hoot. I thought…”These would make great puppets!” So, I hopped on Illustrator and whipped some up. I was winging it, so I just picked a few random animals with long snouts that I thought I could recreate

Grass Crowns for Earth Day

Earth Day Grass Crowns (4 of 24)0414

It’s been a while since I’ve done some crafts with my kids, and with Earth Day coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to bust out the supplies and whip up something fun. To keep our project as earth friendly as possible, we decided to use an old paper grocery sack as the basis for our Earth Day grass crowns. MATERIALS paper sack green

Toddler Coloring Dice

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My little Natalie has been learning her colors and learning to really into coloring as of late, so I whipped up these coloring dice as a fun way to reinforce what she’s learning.   It’s such a simple idea, but she loves using them. It just puts a fun spin on learning colors and almost makes it feel like a game. The idea is to roll the

Snowflake Tortillas

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Need a winter boredom buster project? How about an easy snack idea? These snowflake tortillas are are both! They are super simple to make. Like so so so simple it hurts, and they are fun to make, for any age. They also give a whole new meaning to eating snow. ;) You simply fold a tortilla and, using clean kitchen shears,cut it up like you would a